Can't Share Season Pass?

Alright so me and my nubby have been profile sharing ever since it was first discovered and we have pretty much been buying each other games and add on for each other.
So I was feeling generous and we’ll I always wanted it and went ahead and bought the season pass.
Well there was a problem, I could unlock Alani but he wasnt able to. He never got his Hero Key nor did he ever get his season pass holder title. I got everything and it worked like a charm for me.
It’s werid because in literally every game that I have bought a Season pass for we have had no problems with the season pass working for both of us.
So what should he do? He said he already reinstalled the game and he can’t Uninstall the season pass cause it takes him to a gray screen.
So I don’t know how to help him.
Is this like a thing that Gear box has done to limit the amount of people that can use the new released characters? Idk just a thought.

Season Pass is account bound, not system bound. So you’ll both need one if you want early access to Alani and the various unlock keys that come with each hero.


Might be because it’s an online only game? Everything is server based so it might have worked previously with games that kept data on your platform? I don’t really understand how it all works too well so that’s just a stab in the dark on my part lol


You basically got got it on the nose comma if someone on a computer purchases allow expansion everyone who played as that computer don’t have the expansion it works just like that

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mmo expansion* sorry phone site

Maybe. But like I said I got it for other games I have and the season pass worked just fine.
But I guess it could be like Smite where say if you buy some Gems. Only you get them and not your partner you are sharing your account with won’t get them. Kinda to control the using and abusing rule I guess.
Makes sense tho so good answer

That’s because other games seasons passes generally give you a set of DLC content that is actually downloaded, not in game vouchers for server side digital stuff. Since all accounts have access to all data just by having the game installed, they tie everything to your account itself.

It’s frustrating, as we’re having to buy two season passes ourselves for the Storyline missions when they release, but it is what it is. The season pass in this game isn’t like that of other games.

So yeah pretty much the smite rules.
Well ■■■■. Not really that much of a big deal I guess, just sucks he has to wait a week till they release and then have to buy her with in game credits lol.
As long as Gearbox keep giving our free codes should not be so bad. But it’s gonna suck when they release the story for the season pass holders and he’s gonna be left behind.
Haha gonna have to tell him he is gonna have to spend $20 and no be so cheap.

As has been said, the season pass is tied to the account holder so only they will get the hero unlock keys. I have the same situation where I have bought the Digital Deluxe Edition and get everything whilst my fiancée doesn’t get the extras (gold pedestal, extra skins and taunts etc).

It’s not the only game that does this. Battlefield 4 and The Division season passes are account tied and so ‘sharers’ don’t get all of the extras there either.

My only concern is the extra story missions that come with the season pass, whether these will be locked to the account holder only or if they can be played by other users on the same physical console (and I don’t mean split screen).

I even asked a dev because I didn’t believe it but yes its account bound. First game ever to do this :frowning:

Thank you. You just saved me a couple bucks cause I thought about getting the season pass for the Division. Glad I was warned ahead of time. Might as well spend it on something better like Overwatch or Doom. :stuck_out_tongue:

The content such as the extra missions and story are available to multiple players sharing the season pass in The Division, it’s just that some of the other ‘smaller’ extras aren’t available. I’m sharing the season pass with my fiancée and it doesn’t really affect anything significant.