Can't shoot loot ghosts

For some reason when I shoot the loot ghosts half of them won’t explode–it’s like they’re immune to bullets–they’ll only explode if they run into me. Anyone else having this issue? I

Did you notice whether the weapons that worked were primarily projectile damage (eg Jakobs), and the ones that didn’t primarily splash (eg Maliwan)? Just speculating, but it’s possible that they have damage reduction for one of those. I also have noticed that generally they require more damage to down than say the corrosive ones.

i was using the light show, plasma coil, sand hawk and opq. melee seems to work, but not guns. it’s not every loot ghost–maybe 1/3. have lost out on about 4 yellow ghosts and that .0000001% chance of the vindicator ghast call.

Loot ghosts move very erratically, presumably by design to make it harder to shoot them. I think they might have some immunity too - at least I think I saw red badass ones having some resistance to Cryo and ‘Immune’ message popping up here and there.

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