Can't sign in to shift

Every time I try to login i am stuck at this screen indefinately. Longest I waited was 15 minutes

not sure if this is the same thing but i also cannot login i put in a support ticket.

Hi, i have exactly the same issue of you. The problem start today after updating game to last patch. How is the procedure for open a support ticket?
its on this site

Thankyou for so quick response. I try me too to open a ticket

There was a PC-only update announced yesterday (see the BB News section). Did you get and install the update?

When i start BB today, the download of update was start alone, by steam. When update was finish, i launch the game, and the trouble start. I try to reboot Steam and PC but nothing. Now i’m not sure about wich version of BB is instaled on my pc. No any information about it is showed on the screen

Same problem here. Stuck on “Signing in (user name)…please wait”

Could be a problem with the server during the update roll-out? Paging @JoeKGBX - can you check on this please? Thanks!

Funny enough,t this happened to me in the office yesterday and I thought the same thing – an anomaly due to the updated servers spinning up. If it’s still happening though, I’ll ping the team and see what’s up.

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It is still happening, everybody I play with on pc currently can’t play. This has been all day now, gearbox seriously need to fix this asap

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i think it is fixed i got into the game

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I confirm its fixed also for me. Thank to all

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Well now I have Hoho problem… goona have to use that link!

Today i start the game and the problem happen again!! But what happen guys???