Can't spend skill points after arm's race

New glitch–if you play arm’s race with a character still leveling up, once you exit you can’t spend new skill points until you save/quit then reload. I’ve even had situations where the points didn’t accumulate (I was at level 22 but only had 18 skill points instead of 20) until I reloaded.

I created a new level 13 character and played one round of arms race in which I leveled once. Before playing, I did not apply any of the 11 skill points allocated. Afterwards, all I had left was the 1 skill point I gained after leveling once. What?!

You have to save and quit an it should come back. I also had a situation where I only needed one skill point to move to the next part of the tree, but it said I needed 15 until I saved/quit/reloaded.

You are right. The skill points are back. Thanks.

Thanks I’ll have to try this, I was bugging out when it wouldn’t let me spend the skill points I earned in Arms Race.