Can't start cartel event

OK I went to Maurice to start the cartel event but all I get are the standard maurice quotes what am I doing wrong
Please use Spoiler tags.

Are you on PS4 by any chance?

It should be as straightforward as described here:

Make sure you have the update downloaded and the hotfix applied before doing the above.

Stupid question, obviously, but you did enable that event in the main menu?

nope I didn’t that fixed it thanks

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it’s too bad you can only enable one at once (I think). I’d love to get an OPQ with some sort of terror anointment.

though i guess you can grab an opq, then turn on the harvest event and go to the re-roll machine.

Sure would be nice for us to know there was crap to enable first. My buddy and I wasted an hour trying to figure this crap out! Why must you make things so damn difficult!

The changed menu function was described in the patch notes. And that menu item was added with one of the events last year.

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Only been playing for three months