Cant start claptrap quests

I am missing 2 side quests from claptrap and I am unable to start them, the Kevin conundrum and the baby maker. No matter how many time I talk to him or restart the game,I cannot start the quest or even get it. How do I fix this?



I got the same problem stuck on 93/95 quests only missing those 2. When I am outside sanctuary and planning fast travel I see them. When I get to sanctuary no chance to accept them.

Any tips for this different than play through TVM ?


Hello. I got the same problem. Im a trophy Hunter so this is so bad😟 Kevin konundrum and Baby Dancer is missing. They show on map when not in Sanctuary, but gone when I go there. Dont help talking to mission giver (claptrap) please let me know if anyone find a solution or fix👌

Have you ever pet the little creature wandering around the fast travel and quarters? (On Sanctuary III)
Absolutely no idea how it work. Just a wild guess for Kevin Conundrum.

same problem as well

So I read you had to finish the “Hammerlocked” mission to receive "The Kevin Konundrum " but I was able to do it after only starting Hammerlocked. Also, I ran into this problem where i could see the Kevin konumdrum on pandora but you play out the mission on sanctuary. Weird bug…

Did anyone ever find a solution to this?

Yeah no joke as far as I can tell I have everything done except a mission on Pandora and one on Eden-6 and I’m guessing they are from claptrap because veronica yelled at him and left not too long ago and is now at moxxi’s and he keeps saying “I have a job for you” but never has one

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