Cant start game while connected to internet and can’t connect to shift

So on Xbox my borderlands does not want to connect to shift, I’ve tried different ways of connecting(, shift and both of those on my Xbox) Shift says I’m connected but whenever I am connected to the internet whenever I click A to continue on the starting screen my borderlands freezes. I can play the game normally offline but no online features work for me because I can’t connect to shift, this is really frustrating because I bought the game to play with my friends and I’m forced to play alone. Does anyone have anything I can try?

The only thing that comes to mind is if there’s stale session data in the game cache, which you can try deleting (under Manage BL3 - look for the partition that is not associated with a GT and actual game saves). After deleting that, do the power reset thing and see if it works.

Otherwise, you’ll need to file a ticket with 2K support (link in pinned thread at the top of this section).

BTW are both your BL3 and system fully up to date? Last BL3 patch was Aug. 5.

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