Can't start Moxxi DLC

I own the season pass, and it says I own the Moxxi DLC in the epic store, but when I try to enter the dlc(by talking to the poster outside Moxxi’s bar), a dialog box pop up, telling me to purchase the expansion content from the epic games store.

I reached 2K and Gearbox on their support website for help, but haven’t recevie any reply yet, anyone know the solution? I’m desperate right now.

Make sure you are online, I heard that DLC cannot be played offline.

If you’re on XBOne, manage the game and add-ons and make sure the DLC is actually installed.

Edit: never mind. Eyes didn’t resolve the button. Sleeping now. :wink:

Yeah, I see a lot people talking about the similar issue on consoles, but not a single tread is on PC, at least I didn’t see it, kinda sad!!! Guess I have to wait until they come back from holiday.

I had the same problem on ps4. I went to the poster and hit purchase again. It took me to the page to buy it and since I already purchased it all I had to do was download the dlc. It took me an hour plus to download but then I was good to go.