Can't start new DLC (have season pass) (SOLVED)

Got the quest. Can’t seem to find Krieg’s Mind… Re-logged and restarted but it didn’t work…

Go to the ship’s deck and change the planet to Vaulthalla.

Then, go downstairs where Ellie is and take the pod door to enter the dlc.


On Epic

  1. Go to Epic Library
  2. Select the 3 horizontal dots at the right of the game’s title
  3. Select ‘Verify’
  4. Let Verification process complete
  5. Download dlc files
  6. Restart Game

I verified the game files.

I don’t see Vaulthalla as a planet at the ship’s deck unfortunately. Is there a way to abandon the quest and re-take it?

Edit: SOLVED. Apparently, I had to add the DLC in Epic. I thought it was automatic…

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