Can't start Takedowns and other problems

I can’t expand the bank and other things at Marcus. It remains at 8/8. And I can’t start the takedowns either, even though I played through the story. Can you help me?

Make sure you have waited for the hotfix applied sign at the main menu before you start. The takedowns can be started after completing the story then for the mailwan takedown theres a quest icon on the right hand side of sanctuary past Marcus and the guardian takedown you have to travel there from the bridge,then use a drop pod

I went through the story completely. And I know where to find the mission. But I cannot activate it. Nor can I upgrade extensions.

Have you tried a power reset yet? Also double-check that the update finished downloading completely and doesn’t have anything still pending.

Everything is ok. I’ve got it now… Thx 4 help! :+1:t6::sunglasses::+1:t6:

What was the fix?

I was the mistake. So sorry and thx 4 ur help! :sunglasses: