Cant start the game on 4k monitor

When I click on the remastered games it launches into a small part of my screen and it doesnt display the whole screen. I cant see any options or anything. Just the HW logo.

Ive had similar issues with other games on my 4k display. I didnt expect this from HWR since its supposed to be made for 4k displays…

My monitor is the new 4k 60hz philips monitor. Display port 1.2.
Windows 7 64.

AMD 290X, 4.5ghz intel 2600k, 16gb ram.

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Easy to fix - then you can head off into the brightly colored cosmos! Happy hunting! :wink:

Oh, and if I didn’t mention it - that card (290X) is a beast - love it. Please make sure you’re on 14.501 or higher, trust me, it will prevent known issues. Cheers!

Thanks, but the problem is with the display on my screen.

This is all i can see:

I cant see any options or anything that allows me to change anything

The link I passed along will fix that (should!). Please give it shot. Trust me, I have seen this when the DPI scaling is allowed to affect the window - and I should know, I wrote the graphics code. You’ll be fine if you do the easy steps in that article.

Thanks. Ill try it out. For now though i went back to my 1080p monitor since a lot of games just aren’t optimized to run on 4k displays.

I guess things will improve in the near future. Maybe with windows 10.

The game runs fine on my 1080p monitor and im enjoying it at full settings.

I might try my 4k again tomorrow and see if it works with what was suggested. I really want to see this in 4k!