Can't stop making characters

I’m on the cusp of getting my 8th character to level 50 and now I’m pondering a ninth. If I could just save/load builds I’d only need four. I think (hope?) nine will be the end of it. Three each of Moze and Amara with a primary focus in all their different skill trees; two Fl4k because I tried the Master tree first and didn’t like it as a primary; and only one Zane because I can’t even settle on one build I like with him.


You are not alone. I got 6 Moze at level 50’s – each has a specific build. Two don’t have Guardian Ranks. I find them useful for testing and build comparison without respec’ing.

I might level up my mule Zane soon.

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Holy Mozes!

(Sorry - couldn’t resist!)


Normally I chuckle at puns but yours made me lol. :laughing:

I’m not sure I could get to that many Moses (though it almost seems like VH1’s Behind the Mozic commentary is commanding us to have ten), but if I did I’d almost certainly need more Bear Trooper mods. Currently only my Bottomless Mags character has one along with a side focus on mech skills, and it surprisingly did okay even when my friend dragged me into M4 Proving Grounds. A few months ago I would’ve said I expected to be playing more Fl4k…

I’ve considered making new characters but I decided to fill up a notepad with builds since they’re so fun to make in this game.

yeah, i have 4 lvl 50 zanes, 2 lvl 50 Moze, 2 lvl 50 flak, and 1 lvl 50 amara. each of my 3 zanes have a different skill combo and each focuses in a different main tree (and then one of them is on my spouse’s account, so I could play w/o guardian ranks), my moze i only really figured i needed 1 because she only has the one action skill, but the auto bear anoints made me make a second moze to focus on demo woman instead of my SOR/BM build. my 1st main is Fl4k, with rakk attack because it was reminiscent of playing Mordecai, and i just made a gamma burst fl4k, and have a fade away fl4k in the works. and then amara, i’m just having a hard time getting invested in her, I have a phase slam focused Amara I really like FOE skill tree mixed with Brawler on her, I haven’t even touched mystical assault yet, but the plan is for 3 again 1 focusing in each tree.

with the majority I’ve only complete nvhm aside from 1 moze and 1 fl4k

and then i have a bunch of mules…

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Just curious, why create so many of the same character and not just swap builds when wanted/needed? I mean I guess I can understand it being a hassle to have to respec and regear everytime, but I also just have a lvl 50 Zane, Moze, and working on Fl4k, and then plan to build up an Amara. I guess I just don’t change my build that often, so having multiple same characters doesn’t seem worth doing for me, but hey that’s pretty cool! It would be nice to just select the character/build you want to use instead of having to respec and find all the gear in the bank everytime I want to switch things up! But I think 4 playthroughs will be enough for me lol, well and then continue with endgame content and future DLC’s!


Can’t speak for others, but for me a playthrough with Rakk FL4K is quite different from Fadeaway or GammaBurst ones.

You get to fight your mobs and bosses in a different way, favor different guns, experience different skills and game mechanics. Some people enjoy that.


There isn’t a good way to ‘just swap builds’. Like I said at the beginning, if there were I’d only need four characters. Most of the characters I have at 50 have skill setups I want to keep which would be lost if I completely changed them.

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I’ve recently finished PT with Moze on TVHM - now, I have all 4 chars completed on TVHM. There’s a lot more to do, but that was my main goal and now I feel emptyness - mastering main quesline was like living groundhog day only slowed down by “talk to Lilith”, “wait for NPC to stop spitting out exposition” and “wait for doors to open”.

I was thinking about PT reset, but it already got way out of control. 4 toons? That’s enough.

This is why I spread my story progression out as much as possible - trying to keep as much as fresh as possible within the limits of 4 VH’s through the same content. Good for me that there’s now one DLC out and another on the way (hoping for this month but March would do as well)


That’s a good way to do it, however, I am afraid to stop playing - I do not want to lose muscle memory, questline, enemy behaviour and gear knowledge. We do not mention it, but there is a lot (not WoW level of “a lot” but still) a lot of of elements in this game - and I do not want to stop and forget these things, which make this game even more enjoyable.

A few days ago I’ve managed to complete Slaughtershaft on TVHM+M4 with Zane (w/o anointed gear and with fire Dictator that I found on the same run). While on 5th wave, I realized how everything merges together - weapon swapping adapting to situation, positioning, AI baiting, shooting, explosions, combat loop.

But if I leave for a while, I lose “skill (?)” and that enjoyable “shooter trance” that I’ve mentioned earlier is replaced by stress of relearning everything.

That’s why I do not return to Dark Souls III - don’t want to get trashed again (even if death is part of the fun).

But, maybe, it is what’s called “too much on one’s plate”.

One major reason I make multiples of the same character is simply to hold anointments specific to the playstyle (e.g. – grasp vs. cast vs. slam Amara’s). Vault is getting too full & besides, it’s such a hassle to search through it to pull out weapons specific to the build. I could probably delete some of these anointed items but I need to test them out first.

I currently keep making/leveling new characters as a way to explore different guns and playstyles. So far I’ve got these:

Generic FL4K at L50
Atlas Zane L21
Jakobs Fl4K L15
Maliwan Amara L15
Vladof Moze L13
CoV Fl4K L13
Dahl Zane L11
Melee Amara (only bladed weapons) - L11
Torgue Moze ~L11

Still have to make someone for Hyperion and Tediore… As a result I’m getting really good at dealing with Mouthpiece, Gigamind and Traunt, together with other early quest characters.

One odd deeply satisfying feature of new character: in first map you are vacuuming all ammo from chests and loot piles and I’m semi-addicted to the sounds game makes. :slight_smile:


mostly it’s due to having so much gear, distributing it is easier, cuz a Fl4k that isn’t using Gamma burst or Fade Away doesn’t really need a red fang class mod, because Rakk Attack isn’t really a “pet beings useful” build, but it helps with those styles where as it doesn’t really help my Crit focused Rakk Attack Fl4k. and its a waste of anointed gear that for example provides 115% gamma burst radiation damage on my Rakk Attack Fl4k.

Though Moze only has 1 action skill, so for the most part its really easy to respec her. The only anoints for her that aren’t always usable regardless of build is the “while auto bear is active” anoints, so I made a Moze to fill that gap.

I love Zane, so its easy for me to make one for every skill combo, his dialogue is the best and with See 'in Dead Class mod he’s pretty dang decent at this point.

Amara, is another one that’s really easy to just respec because I like having all the elements (Blight Tiger, and Soulfire) available to me when I play her, but that leaves Mystical Assault neglected and my main Fist of the Elements Amara doesn’t really benefit from the anointments for the other action skills. So I made 2 more to handle the other action skill anoints.

Gamma Burst Fl4k lvl50
Rakk Attack Fl4k lvl50
Fade Away Fl4k lvl 20-ish
Shield of Retribution Moze lvl50
Demo Woman Moze lvl50
Fist of Elements Amara lvl50
Brawl Amara lvl 20-ish
Mystical Assault Amara lvl20-ish
Double Agent/Hitman Zane lvl50 (and a duplicate lvl50 in this style on my spouse’s account)
Double Agent/Under Cover Zane lvl20-ish
Under Cover/Hitman Zane lvl25

also have a Zane that got stuck during “The Great Vault” because Tannis is untalkable to. lvl35, was my undercover/hitman until he got stuck and had to be replaced. and a Moze lvl15 that got stuck during “Hostile Takeover” that had to be replaced.

also was wrong about the lvls of some of my characters in my 1st post.

3 fl4ks 3 amara’s 2 Mozes and one zane maybe two at a later date but it’s painful making and maxing out new characters as the endless dialog has given me an irrational hatred of characters I don’t hate lol like omg shut up I’ve heard this 18 times already normal and tvhm and I really want a new zane too lol

yeah whenever I’m about to leave Pandora, or exit the Promethea Vault I go make myself a sandwich or a restroom break or whatever. Those are the longest clips in the game as far as I can tell, and omg they become boring and annoying.

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Not just the cut scenes but the calling Maya hamerlock and so on they have started to grate on my nerves so much I have to mute the game it’s mostly just awesome the first five times but at 18 shut up and let me play my game this isn’t a movie lol

and cleaning up the “discover” quest for each character is a real pain too