Cant swap pets with fl4k

All of a sudden I cant swap out the pet for fl4k I would like to swap from spiderant to jabber and it keeps saying “ability currently in use” this is very annoying even after fast traveling to see if it would reset. Some feedback would be appreciated I feel as if the stuff I bring up doesn’t get addressed like how I still cant use skill point or even my action ability on my lvl 50 siren it would be nice if the people who made the game would get on their ■■■■ and fix simple things

Is your pet mid action command? I got that message on my Zane while my drone was out but when it finished I could change, with pets always out my only thought is attack command otherwise you’re glitched.

Did quitting and continuing solve it? I know if you have gamma burst active it will do that sometimes.

I agree. I would restart the game.

I have had this happen with my game. Quit and reload should fix it.

Quitting and going back in helped thank u guys I appreciate all the feedback :smiley: