Can't tell if CR is procing, what constitutes "bullets"?

I am having trouble telling if chain reaction is actually activating. I used to be able to see before but now I am not sure. Sometimes when I see other enemies take damage I am not sure whether it is from CR or Helios. Do elemental weapons still count as bullets? I mean it looks like I am shooting little flaming and electric balls but they count as bullets right? They are not rockets, are there any other type of projectiles in this game?

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There are some guns that are pure splash like splatguns, etech pistols, torgue barreld AR’s but most others will work


Are you able to record? The best way to see it in action is to play it back in slow motion and you can see the streaks.


Good idea, I see it now. I need to increase the length of my phaselock now to get the most out of it.


Do you have a Fibber with the shotgun barrel? That throws a lot of slow-moving, high-visibility shots at an enemy that make Chain Reaction look good. If it’s working, you’ll definitely know.

To get the most out of it use a singularity grenade and converge, closer enemies are the better, also overlapping enemies are best


What are splatguns? And how would I know if I have one? Is “splat” in the name of the gun?

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Splat guns are etech shotguns. Some manufacturers do have splat in the name, but some don’t (I believe Tediore and Hyperion have splat and Bandit brand are called Splashter Blasters). The easiest way to tell is the color of the item card, etech weapons (of all types: smgs, pistols, snipers, shotguns, launchers, ARs) are magenta. Torgue barreled ARs are the rifles that use more than one round per shot and fire grenades or rockets.

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One more easy indicator to add to @paulothead’s list: they fire large balls of whatever element they are in an arc with a characteristic sound. Be careful where you shoot them!

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The wiki has some images if you scroll down to the shotgun section.

SWORDSPLOSION, Retcher, Omen and Slow Hand are red text splatguns. Look out for the Bandit one, Splasher Blashter - it’s a gas.