Can't turn vehicles w/keybindings

The vehicle bindings work for forward and backward but do not work for turning side to side. They are bound but don’t respond. If I go into the controller settings as suggested in this thread: Can't steer vehicle with WASD it does let me steer w/the keybinds, however then my forward and backward don’t work anymore AND it resets all my previous key bindings.

Is there a way to actually disable the controller so it doesn’t affect keyboard bindings? I’ve tried the disable feature in the menu there but that didn’t seem to work/change the fact that either way I set up my keys or the controller settings either forward backward doesn’t work or side to side doesn’t work on my keyboard.

If possible is there a way you guys can patch that/unlink the two? As it is now I have to use the mouse to turn and the keyboard for forward/reverse.


Im having same problem. Hope this gets fixed soon. :tropical_drink: