Can't update, game is crashing now

I am on 1.0.0. I can’t find where to update. I got a notification in game and it crashed shortly after. I played all day yesterday with no issues and now i crash every 5 to 10 minutes. And of course the garbage epic store is no help.

Same. I got that message twice and i exit but no update. still 1.0.0

Ive got CL 2005984. Maybe that number updated?

Did you check if there was an update for the Epic client? It seems like they issued some fixes to that for the cloud save function.

Some of the “updates” the game mentions are being delivered without a change of client-build, kind of the way some other games like Call of Duty did in the past. It’s usually only required to go back to the main-menu to apply these updates.

If the message does keep popping up, however, then something else might cause that.

How can an update not increment the release number? That doesn’t sound right. I manage software releases/patches and even the most minute update absolutely requires an updated version number.

FYI I also have been unable to patch the game (purchased and installed from Epic Store). I’ll check on the client update that was mentioned. Thanks!

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