Can't upload ps3 save

after choosing my character i just an error message saying network error. This is for Borderlands 1.

Make sure your save is under 800kb

How do you shrink your save size?

Weapons take up the most space, I had to just upload the same character over and over with different items on it. You will have to drop stuff to be able to transfer

I got my save files down still have the network error

It isn’t necessarily the size of the file more so the amount of stuff on the file. I got a fresh character to upload

You will need to clear some of the items you have in your inventory.

How did you shrink your file? You didn’t delete the pictures and stuff did you? Also some saves need a little lower then 800. Just my experience with getting it to work

How do U transfer bc the ps3 version doesn’t have an export option

But it does, how else would myself and everyone else be able to transfer

Then how come it doesn’t show up on the main menu? I updated the game but the export option isn’t there

Where are you looking for it? It should be in the main game menu screen, towards the bottom of the list along with Options and Extras.

I know and it’s not there it has everything but that option.

Then it sounds like your version is not actually updating for some reason. Best bet is to file a support ticket:

Do u by chance know the ps3 version update so I can see if I have the right one

Sorry, but I don’t know that - I’m on the other console platform. Maybe @WryThunder0 or one of the other PS3 owners in the thread could check what there’s is indicating?

What region are you in?

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Ok thanks a lot for the info

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Should be update 1.07