Can't use offline characters when playing online

So I have been offline for quite some time due to my work location but have continued to play BL2 on my Xbox 360. I finally have access to the internet again and when I get into BL2
while online none of my old characters are there.

Also, when I am offline none of the DLCs work. Their locations are not even in the fast travel system.

Is there a way I can transfer my offline characters to be able to use them when I am online?

Also, since I have been living under a rock for some time, I just found out about bl3. Am I understanding correctly that bl3 will not be released on Xbox 360? Ever?

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Is this on 360 or XB1? When you say ‘offline’ and ‘online’ characters, are these in different locations on your drive?

Correct. The 360 hardware simply isn’t up to running the game that’s being developed in Unreal Engine 4, and MS has the successor to the XB1 slated to come out in 2020. As far as game development goes, the 360 is basically dead at this point in time.

Xbox 360

No. Everything’s saved on the Xbox’d hard drive. There just seems to be a complete distinction between whether the system is connected to the internet or not on which characters I can use and being able to play the DLCs or just the main game.

Is it the same GT in both cases? And can you verify that the save files are all in the same BL2 folder, not split between Cloud Sync and your regular storage?

I am not a techie so I don’t know what GT is.

All I can tell you that I’ve never used cloud save and that until two years ago when I was not able to play any more I could play offline and online the same. Now I cannot.

Gamer Tag.

Weird. To the best of my knowledge, this is not an issue with the game so much as the licence system (part of the 360 operating system). It seems like if you don’t sign in, it can’t verify that you’re entitled to access your DLC content.

The characters you can only access while off-line - had any of them done any of the DLC before this occurred? And how did you get the DLC - was it added from physical disk copy or purchased digitally through the store?

Thank you for your help! I messed with it last night and finally got it to work.

Happy hunting!