Can't wait for BH too be over

None of the legendaries are useful… only because of the terror annoints, only keeping it enabled to finish the tasks, 2 left. They should’ve kept the terror annoints exclusively in heck hole no reason to keep it in base game and dlcs. GB if we do a BH event next year keep it to heck hole only please!!

Just turn it off


I want to finish the last 2 tasks, I’m a completionist.

Then finish it and turn off. It’s an optional free content, no one forces you to farm it etc.
How do you see farming terror anointments on regular gear only in Heck? Then it will be pretty much impossible to collect the gear you want.


Exactly. No terror anointed Kaosins dropping in Heck.

im finished with the challenges so yea i dont need it xD
but you can just turn it off, no?

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Im not in heck im in the scrap trap nest and 90% of the loot is useless terror gear when outside of the event it would be useful annointed gear. Only farming that area to get the loot ghost challenge complete, got it done now only have beating haunt 7 more times!

It also sounds like you’re complaining you’re having a load of legendaries drop. There are players that dream of having that many legendaries drop but again although they’re not useful to you there are others that would make use of them.

Be careful what you complain about in life, it’s like the rich man complaining to the poor fella that he doesn’t make enough money.


Hell no. I play on console anf farming the heck is a mess. To many loading screen for a short farm. Just turn it of and let us console players be happy!

You will have over 20 comments stating this but this is the internet lol so here’s another you can turn it off or on :slight_smile:

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People really will find anything to complain about. Nobody is forcing you to play this FREE, EXTRA content that even has an OPTIONAL SWITCH to TURN IT OFF… Jeez wtf happened to gamers?


lol not having a go at you as I agree but how old are you lol

That would be a real bummer if terror anoints only dropped in Heck, getting specific gear with specific terror anoint is already hard enough.

I am 27 and have been gaming for 22 years starting with wolfenstein 3d just a few years after it came out. So yes I have been around for all of the FPS genre’s life.

:scream:, madman!

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W3d came out in 1992. That is 28 years ago. You say you are 27. Numbers not adding up I’m afraid…

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Yeah I remember good old half life its kinda sad people complain about every thing these days and seem to lack common sense

You can turn it off. The end.

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They did say a few years after it came out. Fuzzy math yo but maybe they’re lying…omg…we should check their laptop…what if they are lieing on purpose? Omg! What if…what if Marty dated his Mom? I mean not HIS mom but his Mom if you catch my drift…then, maybe then we’ll find out what happened before the snap.

They have been playing for 22 years. That would mean that they started in 98, 6 years after w3d. 6 years is a long time in gaming. It kinda dilutes their argument, donchafink?