Can't wait for May and the full release!

I just wanted to say thank you to the Devs and comment on how amazing of a game you guys created! I haven’t had this much fun on an MMO in several years in both the PvP and PvE aspects of the game.

Compared to a lot of other MMO’s out there, you guys did a great job with balancing and providing a really fun gameplay experience with a multitude of different playstyles. Phoebe actually felt like fencing and had a totally different feel and playstyle than Rath, who were also both different from Galilea and Bouldur. Several of the ranged classes with guns really felt like playing a FPS, like Oscar Mike, Whiskey Foxtrot, and Marquis. Then, you also had blast mages, healers, archers, and assassin playstyles too. Just the incorporation of this many playstyles in a single game and making them mesh together relatively well is a great feat in and of itself, and I am really excited to play it again at full release!

I had already preordered this game before the open beta, and I’m really glad I did because I was not disappointed! If I hadn’t, I would have definitely preordered it during the beta, because me and my friends had a great time playing this and we plan to spend many, many hours on this game after the full release.

Also, thank you again to the devs and mods for having to put up with people and the constant stream of feedback (often negative), and continue to keep up the good work!

As for other suggestions for the general gameplay in PvE:

I would really love to see an even harder PvE mode that had extra challenges like on the Wolf sentry level not being able to heal Wolf for the duration of the escort, beat the clock versions of missions, extreme hardcore mode with no lives and no chance to resurrect someone if they go down either (instant death), 1 shot kill enemy snipers, and more modes to challenge the players in PvE!

It really has been fun so far, and I would love to see this game grow and offer more fun modes/challenges and variety in the future!