Can't wait for Tuesday

So the big public release of Alani happens, and let’s pray a host of other changes as well.

The biggest concern I hope is addressed is lore challenges. As 100 other posts have stated at least, people are not happy with them at all. I find myself more and more logging on and attempting Toby’s double kill with ultimate challenge, failing, then logging off right away in disgust. I do have fun playing with a plethora of different characters, but when these stupid challenges cause this much grief it sucks the fun right out. Not only can you not maximize your favorite characters potential, but as sad as it is, it dramatically increases the time needed to get console achievements for them as well.

The second thing is Tier skins. There is currently no real reward system in the game. You buy packs to get lazily made recolored skins (and we are talking very lazily made) and a horribly small chance at a taunt. The items after awhile are a non-factor so there is no other reason to buy packs sans the skins.

Let’s just say if Tuesday comes and goes without the most amazing patch being released (unlike the constant nerf everybody but don’t buff those that need it), my dream of not actually having to purchase overwatch will be over :frowning:.


There are much bigger issues.


I’d rather have matchmaking fixed before some lore challenges.

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Not having an issue with matchmaking here, so I’m with op. I want that damn Toby lore. He was my main until that stupidity made me stop using him. Hell, atty took me half the time, Caldy even less. Both are stronger late game, or overall vs a smart team.

The PvP only Lore Challenges are so bloody awful it puts the rest of the game to shame!

I’m also looking forward to the higher Tier Skins, but there’s also Epic Loot Packs, which give a chance at a Legendary. And those can be fun and game altering in some builds!

Better matchmaking would also be nice, not for me as I don’t care for Public PvP and only have done it for the STUPID PvP only Lore CHallenges, but for others it would be great!

So you sure that there will be an big update at Tuesday?
Oh my god, can’t wait. :slight_smile:

Having PVP-oriented lore challenge in a mostly PvP-oriented game is far from stupid… It’s just logical. Even if we consider Battleborn is an hybrid between PvE and PvP, it’s just normal there are challenges needing to be done in both PvP and PvE.

The real issue is asking support characters to kill other characters an ungodly amount of time. Not only does it send a weird message ( “don’t play support, play dps to KILL foes” ) but the amount is really high.
The other issue is that some character can do everything in chillin’ PvE while some must balance PvE and PvP. Way I see it, every characters should be forced to go PvP at some point to complete their lore challenges. Or get those private matches to count, even if it’s close to cheating. No way it should be possible to get Master of X having only mastered one facet of the character…


Enjoi, she’s a BLAST! :boom::white_check_mark::dukeparty:

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It’s not about having lore pvp challenges in a pvp game, it’s about how are those challenges done. And they are done pretty poorly, and harm the game more than nurture it.

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Some of Toby’s lazily coloured skins recoulour his UI. GBX seems good at associating colour with skill, rarity, strength, experience. The more fancy skins will come in time. There’s still plenty of heroes to learn instead of getting frustrated by lore challenges. But why the overwatch taunt? If you want to play it, go play it. Don’t hold GBX and forum readers ransom to your requests.

Ps toby’s top three challenges are pathetically easy to attain without trying, so 10 double kills is just balance to his lore equation.

I used to think (when she got released) "wow the character looks amazing and fun I can’t wait to play her, I have to gather 47k credits sadly"
and after playing with & against her a hundred times I now think “damn she’s freaking annoying I can’t wait for her to be nerfed and I don’t even want to try her anymore”


Well, the way it was worded in the part I quoted heavily implied what was stupid was that there were PvP-only Lore Challenges :wink: Maybe it was bad wording, but that what I understood.

But yes, I have pointed that asking support characters to actually kill people is a bad, bad thing. It just send the wrong message. Sure, support characters can deal a bit of damage, but I feel like it would help consolidate the bases of the game to try and herd characters in a specific role at first. With time and experience, players may get creative. But in the meantime, when you’re asked to kill 25 ambras, not only is that way too RNG oriented, but it’s also an incentive to stop healing/supporting your teammates because you want and need that kill. If the teammates die in the process, it’s even better, it can secure your killing blow…
That’s pretty weird design.

Are you sure we will have a big patch tomorrow? I don’t saw anything about it.

I doubt that. They put Alani in game last week with a patch, that went througn psn and xbox certification. Don’t really think they now need anything of a big patch just to turn on her for the rest of players. So my guess just a “hot fix” to turn her on if at all.

I get that. But I’ve put at least ten hours into him. I did Mel’s in three, at Most.

As far as I know the patches and hotfixes are usually released on Thursday, not Tuesday.

I am expecting batch of the tier 2 skins, so if they don’t add them in tomorrow, as they promised, I’ll be really pissed.


Honestly, I dig the current skins and such. I can hardly wait for more, but I don’t feel it’s much of a priority. Black and purple are my favorite colors so the final rank skin is worth all the trouble (for most characters). I want them to first fix balance issues before they add emo, skeleton Rath or zombie Ghalt.

So the reason you play the game is for different skins? To play with a variant akin of a character?

That’s how this post reads.

That if you don’t get better, easier access to superficial nonsense, you’ll spend $40 for that somewhere else.

My priorities are more in line with OPs. I really want those new skins, I could care less about nerfing Galilea or Alani. I also want some of these damn lore callanges to be more “possible”.

I’ve played 30+ games with Alani (all gametypes, mostly capture and then meltdown) and I’ve only come across two Ambras in which I netted 5 kills. I kill everything else just fine but all of a sudden Ambra players just went extinct.

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