Can't wait to buy it!

Hello! I am currently waiting for my debit card to be made available again. However, I have a question: if I already own HW:RM, do I get another copy via buying DOK?


No, you get 20% discount.

That’s awesome! Thank you!

Really? how? I have HW:RM and didnt see an option for this?


also the optimization issues make it unplayable, but cant return it to Steam


Pre-Order only.

You best bet to both get help with technical issues and to help resolve technical issues for others is to go here:

They are aware of this affecting some people (my own performance is silky smooth) and I really hope they can get it sorted.

Ahhhh, shucks!

Ya, I went there and have tried all the “fixes” to no avail.

I really hope they address this and soon.