Can't wait to play as Duke

Anyone else can’t wait to play as Duke? I think I am going to pre-order it off the PSN store because you get a 15 percent off discount.

I am easily one of the biggest Duke Nukem fans on earth, I own one of the biggest Duke collections in the world and even bought 7 copies of Duke Nukem Forever on launch day cause I was so hyped to see Duke back and wanted them for my said collection, I even make animated Duke videos for fun and have had my crack at a Duke3D mod.

Duke Nukem is practically my religion.

Yet I’m staying the hell away from this god awful, lazy port of a great game with a so painfully obviously badly implemented Duke character model who’s facial animations are so bad I’d swear they almost put him in Mass Effect Andromeda.

There is no excuse for how poor the quality of this port is.

Though if the facial animations are fixed, I may consider getting it.

He looks good to me.

Look at the lip syncing:

Half the time Duke’s mouth doesn’t move at all.

On top of that, look at Duke’s hands when he’s being choked.

Also the fact that the voice doesn’t even function sometimes, like at 9:13 of the video where it’s Grayson’s voice when it’s supposed to be Duke.

This is not a quality product and ABSOLUTELY NOT worth $50.

Oh yeah and the game has Denuvo.

I thought it was hilarious he is just a skin after all lol.

It’s a horribly implemented skin, it’s not that far fetched that they just switched the model with no testing and are now charging $50 for it.
Also this is just the one cutscene, we haven’t seen how bad the future cutscenes are.

Those live action Duke ads look better than this, well at least now they do since they got rid of the “turnt”.

Don’t pre order it, if you wait and boycott it’ll end up just like Mass Effect Andromeda and be on sale straight away for far cheaper.

Wesker, you’re basing your impressions off of a pre-released, unfinished test build.
This is not a game breaking bug, or even a major issue. The Duke skin is simply following the coding set in place and lip-syncing to Grayson’s original dialog.

This is something that could very possibly (and most likely) have been fixed by release time.

And, they are not charging 50 dollars for the skin.
They are charging 50 dollars for the game. For the remastered, re-release of Bulletstorm. The Duke Nukem character skin is a bonus for pre-ordering.
You should not by the game if you only want to play as Duke. You should but the game because you want to re-experience Bulletstorm.

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17 hours and I can finally play it!!!

giant bomb’s video says gearbox is aware of the lip sync issues with duke and is fixing it (he is lip syncing to the original script not the new duke script)

besides it is first person for most of it

Played it last night and he still has lip sync issues but I don’t mind because it’s hilarious and the game is super fun.