Can't win a game

I’m seriously starting to doubt that it’s possible to play matchmaking without a 5 man team. 10+ losses in a row is beyond frustrating. Coupled with the slow gameplay, it’s no wonder there’s no playerbase. Not bashing, I think the game /can/ be fantastic.


The level of competition has gone waaaay up, as has the number of premades, since the Winter Update.

This is DEFINITELY frustrating for Solo queuers.

Slow gameplay, though?

What, cuz you don’t rush into a messy all out kill fest within the first 30 seconds of the match where both teams get completely wiped, Overwatch style?

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Easy solution to this - do 5 man team yourself too. It’s quite easy, just invite the hell out of ppl and 2 birds with 1 stone: you lose less and you learn from ppl.

As for gameplay’s “slowness”, well, Battleborn is more of a tactics based “FPS”. Also: it "depends on which Bb you pick.

Are you on PS4, by chance?

By slow, I simply meant that you need play very methodically. Creating an advantage before making a team push. Which becomes a problem when 1. Nobody uses a mic. 2. Most newer players just run off on their own.

Creating teams takes the fun out of it. Suddenly you’re no longer playing on your terms. Don’t get me wrong, I love the grind to reach the high end of a sizable skill-gap, but this is too much…

(Yeah, PS4)


Either send me a friend request on PSN - FilthyLittleGod is my PSNID - or post yours here and I’ll send you a friend request and then I can add you to my Battleborn community and a large group chat I made and you can hopefully use those resources to find experienced, active, generally on mic PS4 Battleborn players.

No one should have to Solo Queue if they can avoid it!

Unless you’re REALLY good, it can be…soul crushing & enthusiasm robbing!


Even if you are good. There is always the chance of someone on the other that is as good or better. Sometimes the burden is too much for one to carry.


Solo queue on Wednesday. And play story ops and botbattles the other days.


You can still win a game within the first 3 minutes in incursion.

Probably what you need to do though is: pick better or try harder. By that I mainly mean turn the tilt switch off. Start being proactive instead of just reactively losing.

Also all the game types are appropriately paced for a moba game.

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Best tip I can give you; Take breaks. Applies to all PvP games. Maybe you’re matched up against the same players over and over and you can’t just beat them. Maybe you’re having an off-day, maybe your teammates are having one, either way, sometimes breaks are good.

But if you want to get good, you’re going to be in for a bunch of losses. You can’t get better in a match that offers no challenge. Sometimes the challenge might feel unreasonable but once you start taking the attitude that every tough match is a learning experience, you might just start to notice that slowly, the matches aren’t feeling as tough anymore.

There is a reason why the people who I always see surrendering when things get rough also stagnate at their skill level while the people who are always up for a challenge get better and better.

I’d really suggest you practice proper drafting, btw, because some matches are decided as early as the character select. Though having teammates that are willing to pick to the team is kind of required for this.
But really, playing with a bunch of your friends is like half of the fun of a multiplayer game. Doesn’t matter if you win or lose if you’re hanging with friends.


Same people every time or ?

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You, sir, got an in-game title!

That is super badass!


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I would have noticed if the same team was stomping me repeatedly. The people in the lobby vary, as I’ll play a game or two, then do something else for a while. Thanks for all the sensible replies, I’ll do my best to focus on self improvement and learning team comp.


It is a thing :smiley: thanks

@vopalpaladin22 im glad its not the same people, on PC with small queue’s you’ll see the same match ups over and over and over ><