Capacitance buff from COM

Hey all, I was just going through the class mods and saw on the Cmdlet class mod that his capstone Capacitance gets a skill point from it.

How does this work? Does something get buffed if it already has a point in it, or is it just so that you don’t have to put a point in it at all.

I’m not very sure what would get boosted by 2/1 skill-wise, the only 3 features are 100% shield capacity, 16 second duration, and 16 second cooldown. I’d assume shield capacity or duration but have no idea.


Both. If you have 1 point it will become 2, if you have no points it becomes 1.

Shield capacity.


huh, interesting. I knew it would get the point with 0 invested, I was asking about the benefit.


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No problem. :wink: