Capacitance capstone

So going over my Fl4k builds I notice I always strive for Megavore and Dominance if able. Which is nice because a year ago I never thought I would strive to get Dominance. Anyway, TPI has lost it’s umph at Mayhem 11 for me, I don’t even notice a difference when I spec into it and proc it, honestly. And that leaves poor, old Capacitance. It seems like one of those weird skills that should or could have some strange synergy with something and would therefore be useful but literally the only thing I can think that would kinda work with it would be maybe a Red Card Recharger? Double the capacity and snowdrift into an enemy to deal double capacity damage and immediately recharge it?? But then I remembered we deal millions upon millions of damage at M11 and it would be almost no damage to a basic mob enemy.
Has anyone found any use at all for it? I feel like fuzzy math is a good survival skill and if I’m going all the way up to that I might as well spec into the capstone, you know?

The only bit of usefulness can find for Fuzzy Math or Capacitance is somewhat inreased shield performance for pets. Though at a very high cost. You can get a lot more Void Rift novas/ice spikes and Fuzzy Math is the only way to really capitalize on Re-Volter BS with pets.

The real question is whether this payout is worth the investment.

Why wasn’t Take This the Master tree capstone at launch? This could have opened up pet builds as a viable option on day one. Dominance could have been offered as a special effect on a Legendary COM and still be fairly useful inside a lot of Fade Away builds.

They named a class a Beastmaster but were terrified to make them a Beastmaster.


Capacitance is a terrible, anti-synergistic capstone in 99.9% of scenarios. Since the only way to not lose massive amounts of damage going purple is to use amp shields, and Capacitance increases shield capacity without increase recharge rate, it functionally makes amp shield performance worse. The only use for it is increasing shield capacity for shield break amp things.

So yeah, it useless for anything the purple tree is actually good at. You don’t need capacitance AND Fuzzy Math to survive, so it just makes it more difficult to upkeep your damage for no real benefit to survivability.


Word. Just trying to see how diverse Fl4k can get. I have been away for awhile but I like being able to have 3 different Fl4k characters with different playstyles. With War Loader and Gamma burst, FA Fl4k and Great Horned Skag and Rakk Attack Fl4k with Scorcher. I dont ever use the jabber and was thinking I could try purple tree (gravity snare) and him but nope. Gravity Snare offers nothing besides the very rare occasional crowd control and besides Throatripper and Monkey Do and Take this, I see no benefit to trying a build like that in M11.
I know we are arriving at the 2 year anniversary and new content is probably not happening but I feel like Fl4k got the lousy end of the stick in regards to class mods this time around. I stopped playing right around Season 1 ending, so I got plenty of playtime wjth the Peregrine mod and used almost every mod except Trainer and Rakk Commander and I felt like Fl4k was the one character who could use multiple Legendary class mods on Mayhem levels. Then the new content comes out and we get the Roll Reversal and the cmdlet. I havent tried either yet but I see no point. Like Rakk Commander, I dont need another charge of Rakk Attack, I dont need a free grenade and my War Bot can’t spam his missile barrage per the verbiage on the mod, so I dont need that either.
I wish they would change Rakk Commander to giving you one Rakk that deals shock damage and one Rakk that deals corrosive damage as well as your normal 2 Rakks that deal fire damage. That would allow you to send out 4 Rakks every time, one of each primary element and still make use of every augment, if you so choose to turn them all cryo or gain an additional 2 Rakks or 1 charge. That would truly make you a Rakk Commander!
Cmdlet could change Gravity Snare to make it possibly useful, like giving enemies caught in its effects a big debuff or giving Fl4k and their pet a big damage increase.
Roll Reversal should be a FA mod. I can’t think of anything thematic with the name Roll Reversal but something like when you kill an enemy while using standard FA, gain an extra shot or when using GITM your weapon magazine is not depleted or something.
Damn, sorry about that. Long tirade. Lol


This is basically how I use it. It’s already enabled because I’m that far down the tree, and Fuzzy Math will fill it right up. I’m not min/maxing though… it doesn’t really change the way I play like other capstones do.

Fuzzy Math and a Super Soldier shield with a modicum of critical hits can make you surprisingly tanky. When the Super Soldier shield wears off and your shield dips a bit, if you’re getting the crits, it comes right back up for a fresh bubble. Amp shields can become almost Bee-like because you’re constantly topping them back off. This is how I’m able to use those Pain is Power and Embrace the Pain assault rifles with total abandon: Fuzzy Math will tank through that damage (even without the Super Soldier shield bubble, but that’s way more fun). The Stauros Burn AR (where random repairs cause 100% crits for a moment or two) makes you almost invincible for a few seconds. It’s been a game changer for my CoV rep.


Capacitance is a strange one for me.

I like the skill, as you could use a Stop-Gap with the ASS with rakks. What then happens is you throw the rakks. Stop-Gap gives immunity for a short period of time, Capacitance would then recharge the shield and beef it up more, all during the immunity window. By that point you have Fl4ks survival sorted and with the option of Pearl with ASE’s or Deathless with Urad.

However if doing a gun build the only skills you would want from the tree is Agility Training for reload speed and Fuzzy Maths for more tanking. Which leaves the problem of 11/26 points, meaning that 15 has to be point somewhere in the tree. I have doubts if you will get enough out of Success Imminent either.

This means you have 11pts survival, 15pts just to go down purple and then the remainder for damage.


I cooked up this


Stalker (Green Tree)

Furious Hunter; It’s a Hunter skill with the ability to increase damage and handling.

Master (Blue Tree)

Go For the Eyes; first melee crits, on paper helpful with Monkey Do. (I 5pt it but you could just 2 point it and put 3 points in Persistent Hunter.)
Frenzy; It’s a Hunter skill with the ability to increase damage.

Hunter (Orange Tree)

Interplanetary Stalker; It’s a Hunter Skill that has the ability to increase damage and boosts something else.
Leave No Trace; chance to add a bullet to mag on crit.
Hunters Eye; Dunno if to put points here or Grim Harvest.
Head Count; chance to provide AS cooldown on crit.
Ambush Predator; boosts Handling and Crit if far enough away.
Big Game Hunt; boosts Hunter Skills.
Most Dangerous Game; It’s a Hunter Skill that has the ability to increase damage, crit damage and Handling.
Galactic Shadow; More crit damage.
Megavore; Chance to crit when not landing a crit.

Trapper (Purple Tree)

Success Imminent; Radiation Nova on shield break and cause I need to waste points getting down the tree.
Agility Training; passive Reload buff.
Better Toys; Faster Recharge, need to waste points getting down the tree.
Throatripper; It’s a Hunter Skill that has the ability to increase pet crit chance.
Monkey Do; More damage if pet crits.
Fuzzy Math; Restore shield on crit.
Capacitance; On AS activation increases shield capacity and starts to restore shields.

Pet; I selected the Great Horned Skag cause the pet needs to melee.
Action Skill; Rakks.


Weapons; anything with a strong singular trigger pull.
Shield; Stop-gap (The only shield that I think benefits from Capacitance.).
Class Mod; Cosmic Stalker, it improves hunter skills.
Grenade; Whatever you want.
Artefact; Pearl (more damage) or Deathless (Urad at the price of no health gate).
Anointments; ASE’s and ASS (Stop-Gap). Urad if going Deathless.

Note; I main Moze but do occasionally play Fl4k, so there maybe a better way to build this.