Capacitive Armature calculation

Just have a question about the calculation for the rail gun.

Does the damage from a single shot calculate the amount of damage it should do to each individual health bar, or does it only use the current calculation from whatever health bar it is hitting? For example a badass nog has three different color health bars. If capacitive shoots the electric health bar, does it calculate the damage against the entire damage pool as electricity, or does it calculate each one of those and apply damage reduction from the electricity after removing the excess damage from the first part of the hit?

this would actually be relevant when it’s hacking enemies with different types of health bars in general. Even if an enemy has a small health bar, if you’re using a fire weapon that does high damage you will have initially reduced damage, however if you have an electrical gun that does high damage, you could possibly one shop them since the entire health bar would be calculated against the electrical bonus which is the highest in the game

from my understanding your dmg dealt is calculated against the ‘top’ bar of the enemy (in your example it would be shield bar)

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Okay so…
1 hp shield
2000 hp flesh
Sniper 1500 (shock)

That sniper rifle would do 3,000 damage and kill the enemy?

If it functions like everything else, the calculation resets at each bar…

And now I have no idea how that works. Fuuuu. Where’s the thread. Brb.

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I appreciate your explaining that. Today I did an Athenas run and did critical hits with CA for 195k. It was completely obliterating trash mobs so I had to think that something was going on. Here’s my build (using Sapper mod). I guess these skills just boost IB now.

This is my favorite hybrid build I’ve made so far btw