Capital Ship pathing issues

Fix the damned pathing Issues please, I just got denied an easy victory because my capital ships refused to move in range of the enemy and destroy them due to asteroids.

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Asteroids being ‘no go’ zones for capital ships is nothing new. However HW is fully 3D and I believe up to frigates can move through asteroid fields. When moving capitals around (or hyperspacing them) be mindful of the terrain. Maybe use you Z axis more. There’s plenty of quotes about how important terrain is in warfare. Just because we’re in space doesn’t mean there isn’t terrain :wink:

Thanks for the lesson. Now seriously I’m a big time Homeworld player so don’t treat me like a scrub. This is a serious issue and wasn’t the case before literally, his mothership was jumped into asteroids and his defenders where shooting just out of range of my ships guns and they where moving even further away!

The way you describe it, it sounds like he was using the terrain against you. Is this something you want in HW?

This is pretty much bugged right now, HW1 capital ships are avoiding asteroids like superman avoid criptonite, they do lonnnnnng turns to keep a ridiculous distance from asteroids, they need to fix that, its annoying.

If I wanted this would I be posting then?

This is the case with all capital ships they stand out of range and do nothing or fly away trying to find a path to go around. I had 2 destroyers 1 was infront of him and one behind and both couldnt reach him while his defenders massacred my strikecraft and collectors.

I’ve noticed the AI likes to send capital ships over or under asteroid patches or hyperspace above/below to avoid the asteroids (and make use of the weaker armor above/below/behind) and it seems to be working pretty well. If the pathing can be tightened a bit that’d be good sure but I’d like to keep the importance of terrain in HW.

That would be the case but you fail to understand that capital ships simple cant reach him at all doesn’t matter. asteroids prevent them from reaching him the capital ships cant even get close to the asteroids they refuse to go 1km of an asteroid field and he exploited this.

On what map was this? I haven’t had an issue like that yet but I have not played on every map yet.

On Hyperspace arena I had the same problem: my ships would even run away from my mothership once built but the closest rocks were a few kilometers apart…

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Map doesnt matter any big asteroid field formation with big rocks and your capitals flee in terror.

I had a 2v4 last night on a 8p map and my destroyers and BCs were all over the map and I didn’t notice anything specific. I’ll keep an eye out though…

Unit, this is affecting the campaign, especially mission 6 in HW1R. ForceUser, this is not a terrain issue, it’s a newly introduced ‘feature’ from the patch. See the other thread about the Destroyer behavior.

This issue was occurring before the patch. I experienced it first hand when the game went live. It’s been brought up in the bugs/feedback sticky. I haven’t seen any comments from devs on it yet though. I’m assuming you were referring to the patch yesterday.

Yeah it’s a bug and was already present before the patch. It affects all capital ships but especially HW1 ones. Needs to be fixed asap :wink:

It was prevalent before the patch? Wow, I stand corrected then. I must have either not experienced or noticed it in my first mission 6 play through.

However I did notice the abysmal capital ship pathing on mission 16 of HW1R prior to the patch. I had 3 heavy cruisers and two destroyers get “stuck” when they neared the asteroid belt at the Taiidan mothership. They kept turning around and upside down, but just wouldn’t move.

There seems to be some people that don’t experience the problem, and some that do. I have really no idea why. Finding out through testing might discover at least a work around to the issue.

I’ve been experiencing this problem on any map related to homeworld 1, they are literally unplayable save for Hyperspace arena. Try playing fields of plaz and tell your carrier to move to the middle of the map. It’ll go straight to the bottom of the map to try and avoid asteroids, Either the ship collisions meshes are too large or the asteroids have too large of a collision mesh. This is not a feature, this is a bug, this never happened in Homeworld 1, and I did not experience this in Homeworld 2.


Finally we’ve found something that is really new in remastered :smiley:

Sorry couldn’t rest it^^