Capital Ship Subsystem HP

I am wondering why subsystems are so resistant to fire from frigates and capital ships. A DD’s engines ate 2 BC ion beam hits (from both turrets) - that is enough to kill it outright if it hits anywhere else. In a BC vs BC fight there is no point to go for the ion turrets (maybe if you have fully upgraded hull, but even then) because it takes more than a full hit to take them out and you are better served just aiming for the hull.

The engines on any capital ship can eat several volleys from massed ion/torpedo frigates without being significantly impaired.

It seems like only interceptors and bombers deal significant subsystem damage.

I would like to see frigates+ deal more subsystem damage. Not at the level of bombers obviously, but enough to make it more beneficial to target subsystems. Perhaps increase it by ~50%.

This would also be a good buff for the underused Vagyr assault frigates - make them deal high subsystem damage (+100%?) to make them have a niche role in capital ship fights.

I understand that bombers are specialized in this role, but right now the disparity seems too great.

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They do something like 0.3 now, this would make it 0.45. It shouldn’t take more than the HP of a ship to take out engines, and those coefficients make it true when you are shooting with a frigate+ weapon.

Doesn’t things like this promote a more mixed fleet composition ? I mean aren’t you inadvertently removing the bombers role in that scenario.
if one tool in you tool kit can do all your jobs for you. What use is there for rest of the tool kit ?

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Bombers still do by far the most damage against subsystems. I find they are mostly used in raids against production ships - that role would not be lost. I want to make subsystem targeting an option in normal fleet battles. Ion Frigates should be able to disable a BC ion turret/missile battery with ~25 shots (so 5 volleys from 5 frigates) - same with torpedoes or HMFs. Microing DDs or BCs to take out weapons first should be a viable strategy instead of a net loss.

Now without trying to be funny here…then why not use them more ? is it there build time or the affect on another fighters unit cap or something else that’s edging you towards buffing another classes ability and blurring the roles between these ships just a little more ?.

Because bombers are a waste of resources in most fleet battles. There are so many flak frigates/missile corvettes around that they are likely to die before getting a second run off. They are fine for suicide attacks on shipyards or unsupported BC/CCs but not against any kind of balanced fleet.

As Vagyr I would rather have my CCs with corvette or frigate facilities and as Hig I would rather be making Adv. frigates.

Bombers don’t do nearly enough damage against capital ships to make them worthwhile in terms of HP damage so I would rather have the ability to do subsystem damage with frigates and capital ships late game.

Strike craft in general are early game weapons - their role is there.

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They SHOULD be viable the entire game and keep their usefulness from the beginning to the end.

I absolutely agree!

It’s unfortunate that bombers tend to cost you far more RUs than they inflict in RU losses on the enemy.

In fact, BOMBERS should be THE #1 ship that inflicts RU losses on the enemy. There should be NO ship better at it than bombers.

Which makes other fighters ABSOLUTELY NECESSARY the entire game.


I find bombers to be useful through out my entire game. I try to keep a habit of keeping five squadrons of bombers in bay at all times.

There is a bug where subsystems will block things from damaging what’s behind it even after the subsystem is destroyed.

If you don’t actually target the subsystem, but target the hull of a Shipyard from behind, it’ll hit the engines anyway and continue to do no damage long after it’s destroyed.

But um… well the answer to your actual question thing is that subsystems typically take 20-30% damage.

Personally I think they should do 100% but subsystems should have 3x the hp. Then Bombers and interceptors should just get 3x more damage still.
I really hate how you look at an Ion cannon on a Hiig BC and go “Oh, it has only 1/5th the HP. It should die 5x faster if I just shoot that”. Nope.
Wayyyy too many damage modifiers in this game.

I, however, disagree that they should die easier to ions and such. At least not by a much more significant amount.
Like most missiles are 20% and ions are 30%. Well if they both did 100% but subsystems had 3x hp, then that’s a small increase for ions and significant one for missiles that are unnecessarily lower.

It’s especially stupid since you should be able to rotate a ship around to stop a subsystem from being hit by missiles, which should make missiles worse against them from that alone (But HW2/HWRM doesn’t give us a ship rotation widget)

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