Capped 30fps regardless of settings

My framerate is always capped at 30, no matter if i change it to unlimited or not, always capped at 30, the game just runs choppy overall, although i am above the minimum specs to run it

here are my specs on my pc


AMD Ryzen 5 3600 6-Core Processor

Ram: 24.0 GB

And that should check off my specs, i just need help with my fps with this game, any tips are appreciated

If you change your settings and then quit the game, is the change retained in your config file? Just wondering if it got locked into read-only mode for some reason.

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  • check if there is no 30 fps limit in nvidia control panel
  • disable VSYNC
  • change resolution scaling to 100% and then 50%
  • change resolution to 1080p or lower

run benchmark and report back