Caps: Gear, Skills, and Abilities

I was wondering if there was anyway to find a cap on skills and abilities. For example, i put two pieces of attack speed gear on Phoebe, and get her Flurry ability which increases her attack speed, is there a limit to how high the attack speed will be? is all that gear and effort for naught? How would i know? I feel like the same set could be applied to other attributes such as shield recharge/delay, regen, speed, etc.

Every stat is capped. We can only level so high and gear stats are capped as well. What these numbers go up to I wouldn’t know without a gear database showing stat range. Give the game a few weeks and I’m sure someone will put up a 3rd party site for this. Marvel Heroes patched in a feature where you can see stat ranges on every piece of gear which is pretty nice.

I wasn’t aware there were skill caps and I haven’t seen GBX comment on it, is there any source?

I had 3 pieces of gear that gave attack speed on Attikus as well as his +20% attack speed helix, for a total of roughly +45% attack speed. I can verify that I gained the full effect of that +45%.

I can also verify that it was pretty silly combined with his AoE chain-lightning fists. :stuck_out_tongue:


Ora ora ora?

That’s good to hear. And I can somewhat attest to no caps on certain things. El Dragon with +20℅ sprint from gear + Max movement bonus from Reigning Champ stacks with Welterweight + that helix option that gives you +10℅ movement speed per enemy enemy hit with splash at least feel like they stack appropriately. Taking “skirmisher” to a whole new level. Almost enough to make Calrarius feels envious. Almost.

That’s why I’m so conflicted with him as my favorite… he gets wrecked until you get to that point, then all of a sudden they are running crying from him. Once his attack speed is that high I try to keep him fully charged for the shield penetration; he can kill everyone this way. What’s funny is they seem overconfident against Attikus mid-game, I guess because he is easy to back down early on so they think they can keep pushing you but it becomes a problem for them.

He definitely had the sharpest power curve of any character I played in beta, starting out pretty awful and exploding late-game. I’ll be very curious to see if they tweak his early game in the launch update.

Back on topic, for verification I slapped this together from some footage I had of the beta. Two clips of equal length, one at default attack speed and one with all my attack speed buffs, and the latter has roughly +40% more punches in it (13 vs 18).

The total figure for my attack speed bonuses was probably around +42% when accounting for all the “+4.6%” figures I mentally rounded up to 5%, and ~15% of it had different situational effects like “for 5 seconds after scoring a critical hit” that I’m not sure I consistently landed. So I think the slight variance is pretty much accounted for.

We’ll be able to test it for certain soon, anyway. :wink:

Ohhh how I miss the second part of that video, you are a train of destruction at that point. lol I can imagine Miko desperately jumping backwards from the other point of view.

from what i can tell that there are maybe caps, and they may be set high enough to comfortably customize our character. it would be cool to get just a little notification saying a gear won’t be in effect cuz it caps