Captain Blade's Otto Idol - does it work?

I’m playing Gaige with five points in Blood Soaked shields, which takes 5% of my health with a kill (goes from full at 636253 to 604440 with BAR; 530564 to 504035 without).

If I put on Captain Blade’s Otto Idol, this doesn’t change (regardless of BAR). I have not loaded UCP - this is after jumping straight into an unadulterated game. It works for other characters (adding the percent of max health with each kill; not the percent of whatever health level you’re at).

I could have sworn that this worked with Gaige to mitigate Blood Soaked Shields. Is the health tax for Blood Soaked Shields being taken after Captain Blade’s Otto Idol awards its health return?

Can someone else confirm this behavior?


Hmm… It’s always seemed to work for me, though I haven’t actually checked to see for sure! I think I have a character sporting it, I’ll have a look.


As I understand it, the idol provides it’s benefit before BSS. So, if you kill one enemy at max health you will lose 5% because the game already added the idol’s health to your capped health meter.
In a firefight, it should be doing it’s duty


Ok, so I won’t see it because I’m starting from max health (kill an enemy, relic tries to add health, nowhere to go, then BSS drops me -5%). Below 95% health, the relic vs BSS should wash because there’s “room” for the relic to backfill the prior health loss before BSS eats it. If I get a relic over 5%, it should be able to keep me at basically 95%. I’ll give this a spin later today.

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