Captain Flynt drop rates

I beg of you… Would someone PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE FIX CAPTAIN FLYNTS DROP RATE SO HE WILL DROP THE DAM THUNDERBALL FISTS!!! I must’ve farmed him over a hundred times with nothing to show for it and it just isn’t fun anymore so I BEG YOU… FIX IT!!! And no Sparky doesn’t drop it either… AT ALL!!!

Just at least tell someone to fix it. It’s a problem across all platforms. I’ve bought your game twice… I deserve to have the guns included in the game I bought. Just fix the drop rates. Farming that Thunderball is painfully long

Random is Random


Go and farm the LLMs, they seem to like dropping me the Thunderball Fists.

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Don’t feel bad. He’s never dropped one for me either.

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One of the worst farms in the vanilla game by a long shot. Takes ages to get there and Flynt is really stingy.

There’s a reason why GBX made the Thunderball Fists easier to farm with the Sir Hammerlock vs. the Son of Crawmerax headhunter pack after all…

The good news is he’s an easy farm… as long as you remember to use the travel gate to spawn in almost right behind him on claptrap’s ship. Otherwise it’s a looooong run.

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@stuarthome3 I’m pretty sure this doesn’t work actually. Have you personally farmed him this way?

Second this.
Got one from him too.

In fact, double drop. Tinderbox + Th Fists.

Wait so how exactly does this work? You say it’s possible to spawn on Claptraps ship?

No, if you have the Son if Crawmerax dlc, Sparky Flynt drops the Thunderball Fists.

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Yeah I mean I’ve farmed him more than I’ve farmed his dad even with the VH Relic. Does the VH relic even help or should I try without using?

I mean I heard Sparky has the same loot pool as his dad yet he rarely even drops the tinderbox and on the other hand that’s all his dad even drops

The VH relic adds a 5% chance to get rare items IIRC- meaning blue items, not legendary…

So does that mean it interferes with your chances to get legendaries then though?

Nope- it just doesn’t help you any as far as legendary gear goes…

I mean the thing is… I’ve farmed Sparky so dam much that I’m too the point where I don’t even believe he’s ever gonna drop it. He drops the Tinderbox 1 in 10 tries if I’m lucky but not the Thunderball Fists. I was able to get the Bee shield only after about 3 tries. Same with the Infinity pistol

I’m doing UVHM by the way

The only Thunderball Fists I ever got came off the Marcus loot train- that’s a long haul for one weapon…

Wow really??! So does that loot train have a pretty decent legendary drop rate then?