Captain Flynt - Farming Skins

Does anyone have a preferred method for farming Flynt for his skins? I assumed there is the obvious sprint through Southern Shelf on normal but thought there may be an easier way… ?

Also, in all my PTs (dozens) across all my characters I’ve never seen him drop a skin. Am I to assume these are extremely rare?


No real easier way to farm him. Yes, his skins are pretty rare. I don’t recall ever seeing him drop a skin.

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The best method of farming for his skins is by farming Sparky Flynt instead. He’s the Captain’s son and he shares his loot pool. He’s in the Son of Crawmerax headhunter pack DLC. It’s a fast, easy farm and the kid drops all of his dad’s skins. That’s how I got all of mine. Never got any of them from Captain Flynt himself.


Seconded. You get Sparky as a side-quest after finishing the main story, and it’s a much easier run than Flynt Sr.

and much, much shorter.

Thank you very much! That’s the only headhunter pack I haven’t completed yet. I’ll do that this evening. Appreciate the feedback!