Captain Flynt the INVINCIBLE

Anyone else have trouble hitting this guy in the face with Krieg?

Having gone through NVHM, TVHM and running FoTF twice, 3 times I have been in the position to pummel this guy in the face while in Buzz Axe Rampage

However, my swings fail to connect, I thought it was me at first, but last night going to get a 50 FotFH, it happened again, I am sttod right next to him, and all my swings go through him, step back, the same, until I am far enough back I cannot reach him.

Is this just me, or has anyone else got this problem? It happens when he is both in and out of his “fire” sequence, but I just cannot hit him in melee.

Flynt seems to have… wierd hitboxes sometimes. I can never pinpoint where his critical spot is. Melee or gun.

Flynt is a hard ■■■■■■■ TBH.

EDIT: managed to kill him

used a quasar and tossing axes in RtB when slagged, if it is not the 1st time