Captain Haunt Drop Rates

What’s going on? Am I doing something wrong?

Each run (killing skulls and Haunt) I get between 2-3 Legendaries, none of which are the Bloody Harvest loot.

I have noticed that any shield I get is the Rough Rider (this has dropped 4 times) and any sniper I get is the Malak’s Bane (3 times).

The worst part is that all Legendaries are dropping with pointless “terrified” anointed perks.

I’m online and M3. Any tips?

Edit: as many have pointed out, the loot drops from ghosts at a much better rate. I farmed Voracious Canopy waterfall for about an hour and got everything except the shield. It wasn’t fun.

I once farmed Savage Lee for 3 hours straight to get the perfect DP UH, and I never once complained. I eventually got the DP prefix with the grip I wanted, and used it to wreck Hyperius to get the Norfleet. And so on.

I think Gearbox has lost sight of what made BL2 so fun.


I feel you on the malaks bane. This thing drops so frequently, i guess half of every legendary i saw was one of those.

My tipp: don´t farm these new legendary on haunt, farm them from loot ghosts.

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I’m having the same issue… Completed all the challenges and have yet to find the fearmonger or the cloning ghast… Super annoyed.

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ive killed him 28 times the only challenge i have left is get a harvest legendary ive farmed the skulls in lectra city voracious canopy and slaughter shaft still no drop the problem is that haunt drops world drops he should only drop harvest legendaries in my opinion


These droprates are awful.

Almost the whole event is awful. And as a classic nerfbox update it is also bugged (example: 2 new heads are not available)

Same here. I can always count on seeing a malaks bane, krakatoa, asmd after farming a boss / running slaughter shaft.

The challenge really made me worried, but I was lucky enough to loot Fearmonger from a red ghost in 6th run. Now I can do this event peaceful for the remained weeks haha

Don’t waste time on farming this event boss for loot… kill it for the challenage only. did 25 kills and got ZERO Event Legendaries from him ZERO…(B.S. Rates…). out of 25 kills he has dropped 3 Legendaries in total and they where bottom line/basic ones. I only got the event Legendaries from loot ghost, 3 Stalkers and 2 Ghost Calls. One being the Cloning Ghost Call, all from the Voracious Canopy farm spot. Like I said before, The bosses drop rate is none existent on the event items. THANKS DEVS… that’s 625 ghost things farmed just to get to him… and ZERO EVENT items off the EVENT BOSS well played and tested… Mayhem 3, +14.68% loot drop, + Loot artifact… Troll Event Boss.


It seems that yellow skulls are a better way to farm legendary than Haunt.
When you are about to drop tu haunt fight, just get back to sanctuary and restart the map (or unlog/relog) and do the map again.
This skip the 25 skull to farm…

Sadly yellow ghosts are better than the main-event boss.

Again just a crappy move or inability of nerfbox to make the game fun.


The drop rates of captain haunt are just awful!

I have a 50% drop chance of legendaries of him. The last 4 runs he didnt drop a single legendary. This is just plain stupid.

I mean, think about it. If you want to kill him, you first need to farm 25 hecktoplasms. Now you need to kill the 3 gatekeepers. For some of them to spawn, you need to kill enemies in an area. Then you can fight Haunt, who has 2 Immunity phases.

Now compare this to graveward or traunt.

No need to do anaything before farming them. (for traunt you have to run through athena once)

Killing them is way faster.

Overall it takes way more time to kill haunt, but it is way less rewarding!

Why you do this gearbox???

You had the chance to give us an activity that is more fun than 1. killing boss 2. quit 3. reload 4. kill boss.

But no, you made the rewards such garbage that nobody will want to fight and play your trash event.

This is just an amateurish implementation of an event.


Takes about 5 minutes if that.

Another 5 minutes

Easy, just kill the armoured things. Again, the fight takes less than 5 minutes.

Both take around a minute, neither of which drop event-specific legendaries, so this point is moot.

I’ve killed haunt 17 times solo and havent gotten any harvest loot, his drop rate, and the entire dlc drop rate is trash, all while running loaded dice


I think it refers more to when you get all rewards, it is not worth farming Haunt. You will get better rewards from other farms.
If so, I agree with him.

MH1, MH2 or MH3?

Just go to voracious cavern(?) And kill those hunters(dinos). I got all new legendaries from that spot.
Anointed Fearmonger with 100% dmg boost, cloning ghosts, sniper rifle (dunno if it’s new, didn’t saw it earlier) and shield.

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That’s ~20 minutes of wasted time for 0 legendaries.


Fine, but for event-specific legendaries haunt sucks as well. Not a single drop by him. Most people advise you to farm red and yellow ghosts instead of haunt.

I’ll take your time estimations and the result is that you need 15 mins for haunt to kill. Traunt and graveward is like 1-2 mins!? And they drop better loot!

-> result = haunt sucks

Nerfbox talks all the time about balance. Why not balance drop chances?

If an activity takes longer, give mor loot!

But no, nerfbox pushes you to farm spots that are no fun to play or where you waste more time in loading screens than playing the game. Thats just bad!

I guess it’s slaughter shaft again


Yeah, you are right. That is sadly the way to go.

But isnt it awful that it is better to use such a spot to get eventloot than to play the event-map plus killing it’s boss?

Such a crappy execution of an event by nerfbox.


Of course I agree. This is just a bad implementation of Grind.