Captain Haunt Drop Rates

TVHM M3 Last Stand Glitch -> Ghost Farm Slaughter Shaft first 10 Haunt Kills, last 7 Kills Athenas ghost/chupa/truant farm

Each time it took about 2 rounds on slaughter shaft to vet enough ecto goo to travel avg about 3-4 legendaries and 2 gold ghosts. I havebyet to see gold ghost drop anything gold but red ghosts will drop 2 legendaries, none event specic.

The athenas farm I thought would chNge up the pace but its just the same ■■■■■■■■ watered down if we are talking world drops. Im pretty befuddled right now. 17 traunt kills not mentioning idle time or post time is still about 20 minutes but lets just say 40 minutes and you got yourself like 10 hours. My math is bad and I’ve come out of Borderlands like Robin Williams in Jumanji


I should mention my guardian luckis at 14.76

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My luck is 14.55 in guardian. Killed Haunt 24 times. Not a single event legendary.
Did 1 Cistern of Slaughter (that one with Rakks) and got shield, Fearmonger and Sniper (Dunno if sniper is new).
So yeah… Bad legendary drop implementation.

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I have only defeated the end boss once and got a meh shield from it. Hopefully on subsequent runs I will get something worthwhile.

No event legendary drops from Haunt, and having done slaughter shaft, Voracious Canopy, Athenas, Cistern of Slaughter, all the rare spawn enemies, I have exactly 1 new legendary, and it is the sniper that dropped immediately from Rakkman.

After the microfix to Haunts drop rates he does drop legendaries, but his loot table should have better chances to drop event gear rather than world drops. Currently he has dropped not one event legendary for me and I have almost finished all the challenges, as well as farmed a significant amount of skulls elsewhere.


18 haunt runs solo TVHM with ghost farm on slaughter shaft/athenas, zero legendaries


I tried this for 2 hours and only got 2 legendaries both of which were non event specific. How long should one do this method? This was all M3.

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Really hard to say. I was doing it on NVHM M3.
Got all items in around 2-3 hours. It’s all about luck/RNG.
I think Slaughter is good to try if You don’t have luck with those dinos.

My friends and I just do the event for a change of scenery. I think they should have at least one other boss in the area to make the loot more worth while. Like you said, you are better off farming anything else.

Haunt has dropped NO “Event Legendaries” for me.
Killed him dozens of times on M3, completed the event meta,
and had him drop ZERO event legendary’s
Went and farmed the Gold Ghost Skulls in Veracious Canopy for about 5 hours and got all of them.
Compare that to the time sunk into killing Haunt and I understand the OP point.
Haunt should not be dropping non event legendaries… period…


He not just drop a gold thing for other class .
He not just drop a junk gold is duplicate couz I already have !
He drop nothing !!! ~\O/~ there is nothing . just a junk plie of money and some junk green .
This is mayhem 3. if its have mayhem 4 pop up . I will click already . this is online. or this event
is able to do on offline please advice me #!@#!@
omg My luck rare drop already 13.22 % or if its too less ? or What the heck of this stat for ?#!@#!

omg omg omg omg omg ~\O/~
someone kill something #!@#!@# omg

ouch…I feel you :frowning:

The whole event is silly, i almost finished everything and didn’t got a single event gear?!

I mean there is event gear right? Because I got almost every legendary that exist from haunt and those ghosts but the damn event ones now, I killed haunt 10 time and all other are done, the only left is kill haunt 15 more times. I also killed about 50 of those damn loot golden ghosts and 200 of the red ones and 1000 of the greens.

So if i did all and no event gear dropped, i call this event fubar!

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And they supposedly upped his drop rate. Funny… I finally get him to drop a few legendaries on one kill. Two Moze Rockateer class mods. Go figure. I think this needs to be addressed again.

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In what world?! Come on man… If it doesn’t bother you fine, but where are you doing that that quickly. The whole cycle at a minimum takes about 30 minutes.

Thx for this… Took a couple tries but got it.

Gotta say in general, I find the event loot drop rates to be dismal. I have killed Haunt 17 times so far (TVHM MH3 online) and half the time he doesn’t drop 1 legendary the other half of the time he drops the same crap as the rest of the game. Most of those kills were after the loot patch. Loot ghosts never seem to drop any legendaries either. Badass ghosts drop a lot of legendaries for me but the event gear only comes from the loot ghosts. For 6 legendary drops in a row I got ASMD snipers. I thought maybe my game was broken. I’m gonna try Normal MH 3 and see if that makes a difference. I wouldn’t mind farming Haunt if you could load into the encounter like you can with other bosses. It’s excruciating having to collect 25 hecktoplasm and do the Heck Hole every time you kill Haunt. I see all of the streamers have all of the gear so I guess I’m just doing it wrong. IDK. 🤷

Same issue, but I honestly don’t care if he drops legendaries every time or not, but the issue is if he does it’s not something from the event but something that also drops elsewhere.

He should drop only event stuff or at least that stuff should have an very high chance to drop if somethings drops, because else for what killing him for.

I also watched a streamer yesterday and he certainly killed him 50 times or so and then did the red chests for the viewers and there was 0.00 drops of any event stuff. The streamer also said he got his Ghost Call from mail and he had no Fearmonger drop till now, so now imagine normal people.

Also on PC they btw. now mod weapons and stuff, saw some very strange grenades, weapons and stuff on streams, looks like we are back at BL2 black weapons etc. I also saw that they can’t send that modded stuff via mail, it must be dropped in-game. But so you now can’t trust any PC streamers anymore anyway, that they have all the gear means nothing if they just can mod and edit stuff in now.

Not isolated either. Seems to be a pretty good sample size for the lack of event related drops for Haunt. I have been getting quite a few legendary’s from random drops but none have been event items.