Captain Haunt loot glitched?

I love the Bloody Harvest event, but at this point i’m wondering if the Fearmonger even exists or if maybe there is a glitch with Cpt. Haunt’s loot table. I have over 40+ runs on mayhem 3 and haven’t gotten the fearmonger to drop. I ended up getting the stalker once and ever since then i haven’t even seen him drop a legendary. Please help

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I think I have gotten 2 of those Fearmongers as I was leveling through the story mode and casually doing the hek hole as I was able. I don’t even like it that much tbh. The Trevonator seems way better.

The Fearmonger definitely exists, however in my experience Cpt. Haunt has always had bad loot drops. I rarely seen a legendary when I had the patience to run the event. My suggestion would be to head over to reddit and trade for it. Personally that goes for any weapon. The people there are solid and if u have something they need, you’ll get the gun you want. It just takes time to look through the posts to find the desired item. The only one I ever use is Borderlands3Exchange. Happy Hunting.

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I have seen multiple fearmongers mostly from ghosts but I can’t get this grenade…


I did the Blood Harvest quest four times and got two Fearmongers, both from yellow skulls. Playing on Mayhem 3.

I appreciate the advice, thanks

Your Welcome.

I’m over 40 times as well and in all that time, not just from the boss, I’ve gotten 2 shields and 1 stalker. Haven’t yet seen the shotgun or the grenade. I’m running Mayhem 3.

There does seem to be something weird going on with the loot. When I first started doing stuff during the event I was leveling Moze and got 2 of those nades by the time I hit 19. Since then I have not seen another nade again and I’m almost 50. I have also done a lot more than I did between 1-19 so it’s odd that I haven’t seen more.

Anyone with a level 50 Fearmonger on PC looking to dump one, I’ll take it (don’t care how bad it is). I have some basic stuff if you want to trade (a NE Lyuda, I think I have a spare Conference Call).

I’ve gotten decent legendaries off him… mostly world drops though. I have absolutely not killed him 40 times though.

Find a place that has a lot of ghosts or loot ghosts…I like Althena because you get a guaranteed leg drop…westergun…which has no charge and deals splash! And if you wanted you could do trout…I find one that does “next two mags deal rad”…which is not even a terror anointment! Do Althena over and over at least to the westergun and I promise the legs will drop from the ghost eventually…and you might find an amazing badass westergun!

Not trying to be nitpicky just going to correct you so that people that aren’t familiar can actually find this stuff you are talking about.

The area is called Athenas, the boss is called Traunt and if you want to farm the Westergun you need to first take Ava’s side quest in order for Private Beans to spawn.


lol, thanks - I’m literally in Athenas now clearing out the map, and I didn’t find that gun. I’m doing Ava’s mission now (so I’ll come back, get one, and see what the hype is).

edit - he dropped two!

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Yeah he’ll drop one like 99% of the time and even a great chance to drop 2. It’s really great makes it a lot easier to get the perfect set.

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It exists and i gave one away

I’ve given up trying to get the new stuff. The drop rates are terrible. Hopefully towards the end of the event they buff them up.