Captain haunt sucks

Took me some time to figure out that you can second wind off the ghosts flying overhead, or the ones from when Haunt’s skull floats up and starts spawning them.

Also, if you’re nearby and have softened up the enemy or orb enough before Haunt’s shield covers them, melee can finish the job. Fairly specific circumstance, though it did save me once.

Maybe you already knew those, but if not, hopefully that helps.


My biggest issue with the event is as rare as the golden or yellow skulls ghosts are… And as rarely as they actually drop anything… their loot pool includes everything not related to the event… total ■■■■■■■■…


I’ve killed him twice and like somebody mentioned killing the shield generators is key. Is this what the event is going to be ? Caught in a time loop with Captain Haunt? * thought it would be something else to do*

most annoying thing is when he gets bugged and you cant take off hes immunity, had that 3 times in a row

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Yeah, I got that bug once. It only generated two shield generators so I couldn’t take off his immunity. I had to reload the game.

thank god its not as bad as some of the annoited which go immune for 75% of the time with all the flame pulsing and the perma held shield

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you need to drag him out . he moveing . anyway I not have any issue to kill him . orb always spawn faraway from him :o

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sounds like it is not really worth the effort according to most of the posts I see.

Do I get more bank so I can even have a reason to try to farm ?

i know that is what i am referring to. when you go second wind, and he gets in your face. you are in his immunity shield. and his shield generators can’t be hit because you are in his immunity shield. you try and move away from him to kill something, and he walks with you. making everything around him immune because your bullets don’t go through his huge shield aura.

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43x Haunt runs: (event items)

  • 3x sniper rifle
  • 5x shotgun
  • 0x shield
  • 1x grenade mod

Very nice drop rate Gearbox! I am so tired to run this boss again and again. Not to mention that 8 of 43 runs nothing legendary drops only white, green, blue an maybe one purple item.


Hold on, are we now complaining about ~80% legendary drop rate (and what looks like ~20% from Haunt alone, going by your first set of numbers)? What was it again in everyone’s favorite BL2, 10% in the end? 3% at launch, IIRC.

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I do voracious caverns runs on mayhem 1 at least, split screen and get about 3 or 4 loot ghosts each time. And usually 2-4 legendary drops per run. Took about 12-14 runs to get all legendaries, minus the ghast call cloning I really want.

Not quite to 43 but close. Your returns are better than mine…lol. Trade ya a shield for a shottie if you are on PS4 that is.

Yeah but in BL2 you didnt have to do an entire mini-map for each farm to get to the boss. And the boss was dropping specific legendaries not just everything in the lootpool.

In the time it takes to spawn Haunt, you can fight the typical boss 5 times easily.

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I guess the colour of the drops doesnt really matter when the item in question is simply vendor trash and useless to me. Yes I guess I would complain too.

I ve done ~30 Haunt runs by now and I ve got the grenade 3 times and the other items 1 time each. The rest was either no drops at all, or drops I know from the rest of the game. Those 30 times didnt pass in a blitz either. I spent considerable time on those runs in total and the payoff from my point of view at the moment?

Not worth it.

My wife asked me when I finally hit that 25 Haunt kill for the achievement… “do you think it was worth it?” and my immediate reply “nope, not in a million years, I m glad its finally over”.

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Finished run 11 last night. 14 more to go
It was a fun fight the first few times but a bit tedious now.
I will say I have received the shield, shotgun, and sniper as drops from him. Ghast Call came from a chest LoL.
When the shield dropped, it dropped 2 of the exact same. Go figure…

I have received every Halloween legendary from regular green/red ghosts in M3 and only world drops(terror anointed) from traunt and gold ghosts.

I did M3 while the anointed drops were higher. Now with 13 more traunt kills left I popped on M1 to go through as fast as possible just to get the skin.

They should have capped it at 10. All other challenges finished before 10th run and wife is getting super pissed still I am playing in lieu of honey do’s, luckily she plays but is burned out after first playthrough so she understands to an extent. This will ineffectively burn me out of BL3 until black site opens.

Thats another thing I maybe should make a new thread about?

When playing coop its really suspicious how often the exact same legendary drops from the same MoB for the whole team. I m talking…

“hey a legendary, oh you got one too? Uhu, also a sniper rifle? What? Its the Monocle? What are the odds? Wait, yours has the EXACT SAME make-up and even the same annoitment?”

something is fishy here