CaptAPP on Ios?

I only have Ios and Windows Phone devices. I don’t own an Android device because I think they’re trash.

I don’t expct a Windows Phone app. But you said an Ios app was on the table. I can’t find it on the App store, or by googling. What’s up?

Don’t have time to write a proper reply now, too busy using the ClaptraPP on my trash android…

Hahaha!!! Really? Well, then.

Yes. I get it, you like android because it has a big market share. You like McDonalds and Nike too?

Anyway, androids being trash was just a descriptive word, I didn’t mean an argument.

How about you answer my question?

Enough with the passive-aggressive replies. Much like how we dont allow platform wars here, same goes for mobile operating systems.

For those getting here from a google search:

The app was only released for the Iphone. By default the Ipad will only search for Ipad only apps. You have to change it in the app store to search for Iphone apps as well.

Most apps released only on Iphone have some sort of link when you google them, but because this one is obscure with a purpose less than 5000 people will ever need there is no link on google.

In other news; I no longer need to google Iphone only apps…