Capture- Broken?

I don’t find Capture fun.

One team always wreaks another, forcing the other team to stay in spawn, or run circles around the map taking points.

Especially with the current queue times, I don’t want to wait 40 mins for a 6 minute waste of time.

I was thinking make it more like Destiny’s control, where holding points gives you extra score for thinks like kills and assists, making it a team death match with objectives that make the team deathmatches more rewarding. Problem with this is one team could just hole up making any scoring impossible.

Honestly I have no idea how to fix Capture.


The game mode itself is fine. It’s the behavior people go into it with that’s the problem. There are many people I see go into capture that don’t secure points, use legendary gear, ignore verelsi and just go and treat it like a TDM.

When people end up getting spawn camped it’s because they or several people on their team aren’t capturing points to get early levels or are running around trying to get the shards for overpriced loadouts they will never activate.

Capture can be a very fun mode if everyone does what they are supposed to.


Note Can

Like a lot of BB’s current modes, Capture and Meltdown: Finale Can be fun, if the teams are semi balenced and know what they are doing. Or are coordinated. But with current matchmaking, its very difficult to get these Fun matches.


Yeah, in a balanced match it’s fun.

Move as a wolf pack, attack the same character, kill varelsis and have fun.

You cant always win/lose, just try to stick together.

Is stupid when the team gets whipe out and you see how they go 1 by 1 vs 5


I’d play Capture all day, every day if I could.

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I prefer capture. The matchup times aren’t that long for me. The matches are short and fun. The downside is that I usually can’t experience enough of the helix.

I like where this is going. Add the Warfare Modifier, and change the scoring method to take the points into account.

0 points held = 1 point per kill
1 held = 2pt/kill
2 held = 3pt/kill
3 held = 4pt/kill

I only caution that coupling a win condition directly to kills may enable highly skilled teams to spawn camp and just “out-kill” the enemy team and subvert the scoring advantage.

On the other hand Making the score per kill for 0 objectives held = 0 points per kill makes it possible for highly skilled teams to have a complete blow out by taking all 3 points and spawn camping the enemy. And it’s just frustrating to not get points for kills.

That’s why I chose my scoring method. So if you’re spawn camped, you can still score, and even win if you manage to stay alive.


Capture has always been terrible.

The main problem is that it does NOT accomplish the basic goals of a 3-point capture map in every other game.

Once you get the advantage you can just basically zerg from point to point and there is no good counter-strategy, with the map size and the speed and mobility of characters there is just no need to split up. So only extremely-even matches ever work well…


If only the losing team decided to send 1 or 2 persons to kill varelsis while the other 3-4 distract them to get some lvls…

I do love being in a bots battle and destroying the bots as they come out of their base but your right, it is broken as hell. I’m not sure what they could do to fix it tho because I have the same problem on Meltdown Coldsnap.