Capture Difficulty - Help Urgently Needed

Having created a fully working, hyperspace-enabled, effect-laden Balcora Gate I have assigned it to Player -1 near the center Neutron Star of my map. Upon attempting to capture the aforementioned Gate I find both my Marine Frigates and modded Salvage Corvettes floundering around about 10 ship lengths from the capture points attempting to capture their target. Both vessels have the correct addability format ( e.g. addAbility(NewShipType, “CaptureCommand”, 1, -50) ) and the capture points are correctly placed and assigned upon the Gate. As well, the Collision Mesh (CM) bounding box, the boundary sphere as well as the Collision Mesh proper have been offset to just below the capture points (and nearby Utility latch points). And yes, the Gate does have the CanBeCaptured command ( addAbility(NewShipType, “CanBeCaptured”, 160, 0.5) ).

What might I have missed? I would be grateful for any assistance here.

Note: I am modding in HW2.

Any suggestions for a solution or an approach toward same would be most heartily welcomed and appreciated.

OK, so with no help seeming to be forthcoming here I have started to recreate the entirety of my working Balcora Gate. Using another version of the BG I find that it can be captured, but the capture points on this version are just that, Points, with no blue ball attached. I am really quite unfamiliar with this kind of “point” in CFHodEd (v.
Can anyone tell me what the difference between these points might be?
I will continue breathing this time…

[BLUE BALLS PROBLEM SOLVED]: The point scales had been previously set to zero (x, y, z = 0). Setting them to one (x, y, z = 1) restored the points to normal.

Well, using the aforementioned working, blue ball-less, capture points on the new hod I attempted to simply reposition these to the OuterGate part of the hod which again resulted in the marinefrigates failing in their attempts to capture.

The lack of help, suggestions or of any response at all from the community on these forums does not speak well for the health of the contemporary Homeworld Modding Community. This deeply saddens me.

I’m so far removed from HW2 that I don’t remember much. I’ve never run into that problem before. Hope you figure it out.

I had overlooked the fact that the point scales had all been set to 0 and hence I had no blue balls. So, having changed the scales to 1, I can now say that I happily have blue balls.

This has not changed the fact that my marinefrigates are still unable to connect to the capture points! I can find absolutely nothing wrong with my approach… the same approach that I have used successfully for a year short of two decades.

Something is interfering with the process. Try moving the capture points farther away from the object and see if that makes a difference. If it does, you may be able to deduce what that is. If it doesn’t then no harm no foul.

It sounds like the collision sphere/box is causing this issue.

Sorry for the delayed response, but I was not notified of your follow-up.

I will try your suggestion, but (although my collision box & sphere have been specifically retracted to avoid any such difficulty) doesn’t the capture process ignore the collision system? That said however, the behavior is much like that of a dockpath/latchpath whose second dock/latch point is within the collision sphere.

I’m not much help…

I think that you can be forgiven considering all of the insight, guidance and assistance that you have provided so many others over the years. I am just now reading a post in RelicNews Forums, “Shields Reloaded” from June 3, 2003 in which you provided invaluable help.

Must be from a past life. I can’t remember that at all…


Ah, OK. I remember that. It was a struggle to figure out how to implement shields back then. The X-Weapons were my idea but Stargazer found the way to implement them. It was a grueling process setting up all those duplicate files with the required changes in them. Basically doubled the hundred or so weapon files.
Back then I was heavily into all aspects of the mod. I also built and implemented the “tuning sheet”. It turned into an 9 page monster with thousands of formulas that balanced all ships and stats automatically. You enter a few basic data points and the file would spit out all the stats for that object. Stargazer set up the export page for writing to the correct files. Spent over 2 years on that project. Not sure if they’re still using it. I think Nathan might have broke it (very easy to do if you don’t know where all the connecting formulas are). I recall them having trouble with ship movements again.

What “tuning sheet”? Do you have a copy or link to it?

It was always a work in progress that grew with the mod. Don’t really think it will help you. It’s complicated as hell and designed for STC and its nomenclature. Here’s a link to my uploads for HW.

I have yet to solve this problem.