Capture is underrated

I have played a ton of capture with Mellka and Reyna the last few days and I must say that it is really fun! Has anyone else mainlined this game mode like I have been recently?


I enjoy the other game modes but the wait time is what keeps me away.

Are you on console or PC? The wait times on PS4 are pretty darn good, especially if your group stays match to match.

I’m on PC and the wait times for capture seem to be longer than incursion/meltdown. So I generally just que for incursion so I can at least play a few games.

As a mostly solo queue-er I avoid capture. It’s the most communication and teamwork heavy mode in the game imo. Nothing wrong with that, I’m just not going to bother with it very much unless I party up with friends first

I love capture too, if I can withstand the queue wait time I’m totally there!

It seems to be the slowest queue for me, with meltdown being the quickest…

But if I do get the capture ball rolling, I tend to stay with whom I’m teamed up with, win or lose, just because I find it fun no matter the result.

I think most other modes lose their ‘fun factor’ upon a loss, but not so much with capture, at least for me :slight_smile:

Humpthewind, I’ve seen you playing a ton of capture lately as I’ve been matched with you and against you several times in the past week or so. I’ll throw you an add, maybe you can join our party for some slayage. I’d love to give a couple of these 5-man groups of lvl 100 grumpys a run for their $$!

I’m also looking to branch off and try some meltdown. I’m generally in a party of two or three decent players, and I’d love to group up with one or two more to show us the ropes in meltdown. Add me if any of you would be down to help.

Idk - its not i hugely dislike Capture, i find that mode Fun, however i’m more an fan of the moba-style modes, thats why i prefer the other two modes over this. Than again i mostly play this game for PvE Only so yeah…

Meh, I find it boring. I would rather have a King of the Hill.

I’ll be playing it a lot since I need to get this Ghalt First Kills challenge done.

Yeah sounds good, shoot me an add.

agreed. its amazing with a full team

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This is a great idea. Imagine a variation of capture where there is only one of A, B, or C available at a time and you have to hold it for a minute straight to get a point. After it is held by one team for a minute, it shifts to one of the other points and you fight for it again.

First team to 5 points wins.