Capture map, Temples spawn points

Whenever i start to kill enemies on the Temples map on capture, they always run back into their spawn zone so i am unable to kill them. This map would be great if the spawn point was like the Outback map, where it’s higher up and people cant run back just to get away from dying, it’s extremely unfair.

Except even in Outback, people can get back to the spawn point. If you can’t lock down the kill and they retreat, it’s just how the battle goes. You’ve still removed them from the fight until they can heal, which is part of the objective of the game.

Killing is not the primary objective. If you’ve taken them out of the fight, go cap a point. Forcing an enemy to flee is as good as killing them in an objective-based game.

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I undersand that that’s not the main objective, however when you are trying to get kills and such for character rank and lore challenges, it is very annoying when people run back to their spawn just because their afraid to die or dont want to die.

Isn’t that better than feeding kills to the enemy team? Any half decent player would do the same under duress. Going back to base for protection and healing is a core mechanic in this game, no reason not to use it.