Capture matches to short?

Is it just me or do capture matches seem to go by really fast sometimes before I can upgrade my augment past level 5?

Don’t really see why we have to upgrade our augments each game and not even be able max out or even achieve 60%Ish on a 987 to 1000 match in Capture I just finished.

Idk maybe we could possibly bump it up to 2000-2500Ish?

Not sure if this is true for all minions or just specific ones but they drop a helix orb that is basically an automatic level to whoever picks it up. Note that it doesn’t carry over any experience gained towards next level so it is best to grab it just after getting a level up. Capturing the points also give around 1/3rd of a level give or take. I actually like that the matches are so short compared to the other game modes personally.


Agreed. Nice to have some variety.