Capture queue times?

Has there been any official word on what they’re doing to improve solo queue times for Capture (PC)?

I understand part of the problem is that only 2,000 players are online at a time on PC (this is definitely partly Gearbox’s fault though), but if I party up with someones queue times are normal or reasonable. Obviously if I get into a 5 man team they are the best, but there is obviously something wrong with the solo queue algorithm when in a party of 2 my queue is 1-5 minutes (note that with anything under 5 players the queue times can be 30+ minutes) and in solo queue it is 15-45+ minutes.

What is the official game plan to stop this game from dying? I need something or I will have to join the throngs of other players who have already left for good.

I guess PC version is suffering from lack of players? I haven’t tried PvP on my PS4 but I never have issues finding groups for co-op. I’m only lvl 17 so.

I never have issues for Co-Op either, it only needs to find 1-4 people. The things is, I am not trying to playu Co-op, I am trying to PVP. The issue seems to be most blatant on capture mode, PC, and solo queuing. It is quite literally un-playably bad. The average queue time exceeds the length of the match itself.