Capture, Rework the Varelsi

The Varelsi mobs in capture dropping Helix points is potentially catastrophic for the game mode. Give Varelsi an XP value instead, preferably XP equal to killing a thrall and capturing a point. Otherwise, I have no other problems with Capture. Go forth, and be Battleborned!

Eh, I like it. It gives you something to think and worry about.

If I see that the camp is up and that an OM is running there, I’ll give him a few seconds to get beat up, before I run over, kill him, and take both helixes.

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I run over as Montana with a Miko, and we return every time they spawn. I got to level 10 when everyone else was 6 like that. xD

I also think this is way too much when you see a guy lvl 10 and everyone is lvl 5… They should remain there but give xp just like OP said! Or be real hard to kill to get the lvl. Like, you get wrecked if you go 1v1 on them.

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