Capture the Frag side mission needs a tweek

On the mission “Capture the Frag” in Floodmoor Basin, AFTER you have already started the mission and killed Tyrene’s crew, if you go to kill Troy’s team by climbing up the rocks at the back of the base, which is the FASTER way to get on their area (climbing area shown in attached file), if you kill people on the way to hit the diamond at the other end then backtrack to clean up the rest of his team, you CANNOT complete the mission. I’ve tried this with multiple characters, it’s always the same. You actually have to go all the way around and hit that dumb diamond first before you kill anyone there. You definitely shouldn’t have to do that. If you get to that point, you have to exit the game and come back and just start from the diamond to get it done. It’s as if all of those kills don’t count unless you touch that stupid point?

Is that the one where you’re supposed to use the bomb on the overhead crane to blow them up? If so, that’s why - the game expects you to follow the side quest script, not short-cut it. Any time you try to short cut any quest with scripted stages, you’re going to run in to the same issue.

Yeah, that mission, but the bomb part doesn’t show up until everyone is dead. When this happens I just kill anyone I see on the way through to the diamond which is only about half of them, hit the diamond, then backtrack to continue killing. Either way, everyone has to die before you can activate the bomb. That’s why it’s weird to me why it matters that you even need to touch a waypoint for kills to count.