Captured battlecruisers don't work

Last night I played 1 v 1 withe me as Taiidan vs Hiigaran.

The guy decided to rush BC , wanted to jump it over my mothership, but he didn’t expect me to be a pro Taiidan player.

I had allready gravwells in place , shield frigates and salvage corvetes.

I captured the BC thanks to my shield frigates but to my astonishment I found that it cannot Hyperspace…at all

What is more strange is that i can’t even build Hyperspace module or inhibitor on it, the build menu just isn’t there.I select my battlecruiser and the build menu doesn’t appear.

I believe this only happens if playing HW1 races and you capture HW2 units???

Hahah… well HW1 races cannot construct modules, it’s forced in races.lua; HWRM has a LOT of these race capture issues unfortunately.
As for not being able to hyperspace it at all I can’t explain that one, I couldn’t even guess what the problem there was.
Gearbox will probably need to visit this in their balance mod somehow…

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it didn’t had any modules on it, I guess he jumped it using the shipyard hyperspace module or something

You would be just as unable to build modules from a HGN BC if you were VGR. It doesn’t have anything to do with HW1 vs HW2 races, it’s simply that a battlecruiser is a production unit with a different race prefix (hgn_) than the race you’re currently playing, and therefore you can’t build from it, just like you wouldn’t be able to build from a captured carrier.

Besides, even if you could build from it, you just don’t have any hiigaran modules in your race’s build.lua so the build list would just be empty.

And even if you did have hiigaran modules in your race.lua, you also don’t have the prerequisites to build them (hiigaran research module).

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There’s also a different Strange phenomenon. When you play hw1 race and capture the same race carrier you can build ships from that carrier which your opponent has researched where if you take other races carrier you cannot do anything. We would need a clarification whenever this is working as intended or not. I understand that when you capture only a bc you cannot build it’s modules but you should be able to build from enemy carrier and therefore if you managed to capture a bc you should be able to build its modules but only when you had both ships.