Captured Carrier spawned enemy Interceptors

In HW1R, Mission 5, after capturing the Taiidan Carrier (mission completed),a group of Taiidan Interceptors spawned near the Mothership. After the Carrier was released from the Mothership, the Interceptors stayed in about the same place relative to my new carrier (a short distance ahead). After blowing up a lot of them, some eventually attacked even though the mission was over.

Before I latched onto the Carrier with my Salvage Corvettes, the Carrier was spawning a lot of strike craft.

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Wow that’s an ancient problem which was first reported shortly after release. I thought this was fixed a long time ago… That the carrier spawned many ships prior to your capping of it is normal how ever.

I would like that fixed. I had to use Quick Dock after capturing that to move it to the next level. I got to keep the carrier through the rest of the campaign. I would also like to be able to build from it, though that second part might be difficult for them to implement, as they would probably have to make it so that it builds Kushan vessels.

Ya, I’m not concerned about the carrier spawning a lot of strike craft right before being capped, cuz I figured that was intended. I mentioned that, because I figured there was a correlation between what the carrier was doing before being captured and the spawns after becoming mine.